It's Aloha Friday v.III

I can finally throw away all my other lipsticks! I've truly found the lip product of my dreams!... Okay, not exactly of my dreams because the lip product of my dreams would also give me the power of flight and invisibility...

Anyway, yesterday, I went to Organza, one of my favourite organic grocery stores, and picked up an EcoTint by EcoLips.
So, I got the Mocha Velvet shade, and it was PERFECT! Because it's a sheer tint, it gave me a bit of brown yet allowed the pink of my lips come through for a beautiful shade of burgundy-brown.
This luscious stuff is 90% organic and made with all-natural plant oils, beeswax and earth minerals. Cruelty-free. And I'm not afraid of eating this stuff! It made my lips so soft and supple. No dryness or cracking at all. A definite keeper.

If you want one too, it's just $4-6 at your favourite health food store or online.

I'm just not a blingy-bling-bling kinda gal, but Hawaii has such a distinct style of gold jewelry that I was hoping to get something small just to remind me of my stay on the Islands.

Unfortunately, the authentic stuff, although beautiful, tends to be much bigger and chunkier for my tastes, so I didn't think I'd find something I'd actually want to wear.

Well, I was quite pleasantly surprised to find this dainty little thing.
Isn't it cute?! It's the Bamboo Heart Initial Ring from Hawaii City.

At $80, it's something I have to save up for. Maybe I'll get a paper route...

A new night-time tradition...

Me: *reading bedtime story* "... The End."

Mini: "Mommy, I can't sleep." *yawning*

Me: "Yes, you can. Just close your eyes."

Mini: *squeezing eyes shut then opening them* "I can't!"

Me: "Just close your eyes, and think of wonderful things... like your mother... so close your eyes and think of me."

Mini: *giggling* "Oh, Mommy, you're so funny!"


  1. Hi, I just wandered in while browsing and that ring is super cute. My husband was born and raised in Hawaii so I'm familiar with that jewelry...I'm gonna go check out that link now, thanks!

  2. @kathy -
    welcome and thanks for the comment! :) your husband is so lucky to have come from such a wonderful place. I still miss Hawaii, and I only lived there for a few months!
    that ring is super cute, eh?! the more I see it, the more I'm tempted to get it sooner rather than later! I have to work on my willpower...

  3. That nighttime exchange is so sweet. I love times like that with my children.

    Thanks for the lip tint review. Isn't it great when you can find something that works so well for you?

  4. Anonymous27 May, 2008

    YUM! They (EcoLips) has a Coconut flavor! I'm gonna have to find me some of that. I'm such a nut for coconut stuff. :)

  5. @jen -
    yeah, we have so many of those little exchanges... I just have to remind myself to document them so I don't forget them when the kids are grown up.

    @jami -
    Coconut?! I missed coconut?! I can totally slather myself in coconut... yup, I'm a fan too. :)