Poll: Which Summer 08 Movie Are You Looking Forward To Watching?

Image: "Are You Ready?" by tim eschaton

This month's poll was inspired by Jami over at Bionic-Beauty. I was at her blog yesterday taking her Are You Gonna See Sex and the City? poll, and her post had me thinking about all the cool movies coming out this summer that I'd love to see.

I LOVE movies, and before kids, Roomie and I always watched the big summer blockbusters in the theatres. After Lam was born, I became the first host of our city's chapter of Cinebabies, a company that provided baby-friendly movie-watching for new parents, so I still got to see the latest flicks with my new little guy.
Now that the kids are older, the movie-watching experience is a bigger deal, requiring the involvement of babysitters, restaurant reservations, and jinkies, me actually putting on eye shadow.
I've been disappointed by the offerings of the past few years, but the summer '08 movie season looks promising, so I think all that prep-work may actually be worth it.

Which of this summer's blockbusters are you looking forward to watching? Indiana Jones? Prince Caspian? Sex and the City? Iron Man? Head over to the sidebar, and chose all the flicks that will have you lining up at the box office.


  1. Not a movie person, so I'm not jazzed about any of the choices, but I have to say, as evidenced by my list, I might be inclined to check out Indiana Jones. Creepy that he's older than my dad, but I'd be willing to overlook that if only for a couple of hours.

    That & Iron Man - more my generation! There's a joke about hard man in there somewhere, but I can only get single entendre out of it, so I'll leave it to the reader.

  2. Anonymous21 May, 2008

    Sex in the City hands down. Wouldn't that be a perfect end to a girls sushi night?

  3. SITC - meh... I can't see it being any different than the show. Which was the same every episode. So in that case, I've seen it!

  4. @lrm & @harmzie -
    I'd be into sushi then SITC... I never followed the show so much, so I'd probably be totally lost, but I'd love to see the outfits they'll be wearing... It would definitely be a fashion show!

    Indiana Jones, Iron Man & Get Smart are on my must-see lists!

  5. Anonymous23 May, 2008

    Indiana Jones and The Dark Knight for me. Christian Bale is yummi-ful. :)

  6. @jami -
    mmm... Christian Bale... yes, he totally is yummi-ful (love that word!)...
    but Heath Ledger is really scary in that one... I might wait until it comes out in DVD... may not be as scary on the small screen. :)

  7. Anonymous26 May, 2008

    Yes, Nenette, he is creepy as the joker character. But i've just got to see that boy run around dressed as a bat. sigh. :)

    Anyhow, I saw Indy 4 over the weekend. Wow. That sucked. BIGTIME. I'm sure someone liked it, but the story and sets were just blah, not to mention, uh... weird! Oh well, guess they can't all be winners, right?

  8. @jami -
    no way! bummer. i was really hoping it would be good. :(
    thanks for letting us know, jami.