Victoria Day in the Great (Rainy) Outdoors

Image: "Queen Victoria" by rpongsaj

Happy Victoria Day to all!

The Victoria Day long weekend is a special time because it signals the start of spring activities for most people in my neck of the Canadian woods.

The risk of frost is passed - or it should be, at least - so, it's safe enough to do our gardening.

This weekend, Roomie and Mini seeded our organic garden, and I moved the mulch (used to smother the lawn without pesticides) around in our frontyard garden in anticipation of the soil and finished compost soon to be added. I'll be dividing the existing plants to move them into the new beds.
And today, we'll be moving our pots of citrus trees back outside to enjoy the many days of summer sun.

It's raining right now, which always seems to happen every Victoria Day Long Weekend, but the newly planted seeds and citrus trees will love it. And tomorrow, the clay soil (aka Manitoba gumbo) out front will be wet enough for me to till.

Looks like the makings of a great 2008 organic growing season... :)

NB: In case you've been wondering, yes, I've been gradually moving away from the My Earth Monday moniker. Mondays will still be the official Green Task Day, but I would like to write more green, earthy posts on other days as well.


  1. Anonymous19 May, 2008

    You have an organic garden? cool! One day I will have one, my husband is the one who likes plants so he'll be the one doing the work!

  2. yup! our gardens have been organic since we moved into this house, about 6 years ago. nice knowing that our fruit and veggies are clean and pesticide free... yeah, the veggie garden in the back is hubby's and the frontyard flower garden is mine... and both use compost from our kitchen scraps... it is totally cool and fun! :)

  3. OH happy days!!! Memorial day week is traditionally the time to plant our veggies in New England. We have been organic gardening for many years. 15 years in this house!! The soil is turned and ready to go.
    Enjoy your gardening!!