8 Skills Every Woman Should Master

Apparently, Esquire's come up with this list of 75 Skills Every Man Should Master. I didn't know about this list; I learned about it from Maggie at Mighty Girl (I know, I know, yet another blog for you to get sucked into, but you'll love Maggie - she seriously rocks!). Anyway, she made her list of 7 Skills Every Woman Should Master. Here's my list of 8, because I like the number 8:

1: Jump-start a car. Change oil.
It's not really difficult.  And doing it yourself saves you some $$ that you can put to better use, like on dinner out or a sweet new pair of kick ass boots.

See?  My car works!  

2: Play poker.
Handy for a game of strip poker or if you want to win some $$ for a new pair of kick ass boots (I'm sensing a theme...).

3: Identify poisonous relationships, and end them.
I had a family member who expected blind-obedience. Didn't matter what it was. S/he would use all sorts of manipulation and emotional blackmail. I felt trapped, and my self-esteem plummeted. But I still didn't have the strength to break away.
It wasn't until I was an adult with my own family when I realized I was better off without this person in my life. I haven't looked back since.

4: Deliver a good punch.
Make a fist, thumb on the outside and curled along the knuckles. Aim with the middle-finger joint closest to the back of the hand, making a line with the wrist, elbow and shoulder. Deliver the punch from the shoulder blade and back. (I used to take Sikaran, a filipino martial art.)

5: Choose fruit and veggies at the peak or near-peak of ripeness.
Know when you want to eat your veggies or fruit, and know if it'll be ready when you are.

6: Help your partner give you an orgasm.
They won't be offended, and it turns them on too... or so I've been told. ;)

7: Take a good shower in under 5 minutes.
Multi-task and hit all the important parts first. If you still have a minute or two, maybe you can shave. Maybe.

8: Ask a really hot guy/gal out on a date.
Or maybe a game of strip poker.


  1. Anonymous15 May, 2008

    I can check off 6.5 of those! I never threw a punch at anyone and hope I never have to.... I'll be sure to keep your method in mind tho ;) I never had to jump start a car (I have the AA to do that for me!), but I could google it if I had to, flatmates car battery always runs flat so one of these days, very soon, I will be learning. I can change oil though... at least I know how to... again, I've paid someone to do that up til now.

  2. Shower in under 5 minutes?

    That's a challenge? For someone other than Chewbacca?


  3. I would say that #7 would provide the only real challenge for ME. And I'm no Chewie.

    Although with certain stipulations, I would probably have issues with #8 as well. I don't think asking your *own* husband - or sig.ot. - out on a date or for a game of strip poker counts as a particularly skillful skill. If it does, you'd better jump back to #3.

    I suppose it might require *great* skill to do #8 if you were married & asking a *different* hot guy! But then you'll (eventually) have bigger problems.

  4. @harmzie -
    ... and you'd be doing #6 alone... :)

    @albert -
    This is the "8 Skills Every *WOMAN* Should Master"... you being a *MAN* may have already mastered that skill.

    @nicole -
    yeah, i'd rather pay someone to do that stuff too. :) and I hope you don't need to use #4 too... but it's a good skill to know anyway.

  5. Anonymous17 May, 2008

    Great list! I agree. :)

  6. argh! i'm in deep trouble then as i can do 2, 3 & 6 only!! haha!

  7. Anonymous19 May, 2008

    Just call me grand-master, lol! I think I have these down, and I totally agree with them. I meet way too many chicas who can't deal with their own car, or reaching an OH for that matter. ;)
    #3 was just this past year for me. I didnt realize it until it was too too late; but thankfully i did and all is well now. And I'm a much stronger person for it. It sounded a lot like your person. blind-obedience. Blah. Buh-bye suck-ah!

    Yeah for #7. Save the waters! ;)

  8. Anonymous19 May, 2008

    3/8 that isn't usually a good mark but I can live with this one!

    1. I'm in my late 30's when this is needed I have provided enough for myself to financially to hire a tow truck.
    2. Tried too once-didn't have fun never tried again.
    3. I'm in my late 30's oh boy have I learned to do this!
    4. Even though I grew up with two older brothers I punch- pardon the pun- like a girl. As I tell my son learn to use your words not your fists!
    5. Growing up on a farm-this is natural.
    6. I AGREE!
    7. Sorry don't see the need for this one at all!
    8. This would cause a whole bunch of trouble around our house. Plus 18 years out of the dating scene who knows how to ask a guy out?


  9. @zandria -
    thanks! :)

    @sushi -
    take your time and you'll master them all. I'll be 40 next year, and I still have a couple of things to work on.

    @jami -
    ...or should I say @grandmaster? ;) yeah, #3 was my toughest ever to master too... nice to get that person off your back, eh?... very liberating.

    @lrm -
    #1: yeah, but it's nice to be able to do it yourself in a pinch, right? :)
    #4: yeah, but sometimes a girl just has to defend herself... but, if attacked, the first thing a girl should do is *get the hell outta there*!
    #7: if your water heater dies, you need to adapt until the plumber/electrician fixes everything!
    #8: geez, girlfriend, ERM could be the hot guy you can ask out on a date!... (I love calling him ERM! LOL)

  10. Anonymous22 May, 2008

    Ha! Nice list! I have yet to accomplish some of them and I'm not saying which ones! :D

  11. This is a fabulous list, although I leave my oil changing to the guys at Jiffy Lube. Does knowing how to install a garbage disposal count for something?

    Absolutely, every man needs a good sexual coach!