45 and 9 days.

14 November 2014

In case you're wondering, no, I haven't done the photoshoot... YET.  

I came down with a 24hr flu on the Sunday before my birthday, then spent the rest of the week resting.  One of my 2014 commandments is to care for myself better, so I did.  I rescheduled the shoot to February -- Khammy's booked solid and can't take me until then!

Meanwhile, I'll be doing my "after" pics for this round of the Isabody Challenge this weekend, so you'll still get an idea of my progress when I post those here.  

Putting on and holding on to muscle has always been an issue for me, so I was afraid that the week of inactivity would take me back to the beginning: no muscle, just fat and sadness.  Then I looked in the mirror, and although I could cut some more, my waist was still cinched.  All in all, better than I thought!  

Oi! I will kick Ahnold's ass!
Despite the last remnants of sniffles, I still celebrated my birthday!  It was probably the best one I've had yet.  Very relaxed and very content.  
The morning was some awesome "Me Time".  I turned down some coffee invites to relish some alone time where I don't have to do work, and I am free to watch Netflix documentaries... like this one.

The afternoon/evening was a relaxed and lovely time with my sweet husband and beautiful babies.  I then went to dance class, and then went out for drinks and nibbles at Earl's on Main with Myrtle, Chelsea, and the rest of my girls.  As usual, I was LOVING EVERYONE by the end of the night thanks to Myrtle and Jodi and the 2 Bellinis they gifted me with that night!

The next day, I went for lunch with my bfff, RMF.

All in all, an awesome celebration!  Do I feel 45?  Well, what does 45 feel like?  Awesome, sexy, and ready to take over the world?  Then yeah, I feel it, and it feels good.  ;)

90 to 45: The Journey

07 August 2014

In 90 days, on November 5, I turn 45 years old.

And on that day, I will be IN A LITTLE BIKINI posing my hopefully-shapely ass off at a photo shoot with the lovely and talented Khammy.  I will then post these pics.  

THERE, I said it!  OMG, I feel like throwing up now.  This is BIG, my friends.  I've never done anything like this before.  I am extremely modest.  I have NEVER worn a bikini in public.  Even when I rocked the body for it many... many... MANY years ago.

So, why am I doing this?  Why so extreme?

Because I am the Queen of Self-Sabotage!  I will make up excuses not to exercise.  I will come up with brilliant reasons to eat crappy.  I let other things take priority over me reaching my health goals.  So, my improvements stall.

Then in April, my friend Erin came to town.  She took one look at me and said, "Hey, girlfriend, you've got, like, a saucy vibe going on!"  I looked great, felt awesome, and I'd just lost about 5 lbs -- but it was 5 lbs that I knew would easily jump right back on!  (And they did eventually.)

Lucky for me, Erin isn't just my friend, she's also my mentor and mindset coach, and she told me the basic principles she used to win her very first fitness competition:  "Set a goal.  Go big.  Go scary.  Announce it.  Make a plan.  Do it.  Stay accountable."

I considered entering a fitness competition, but my anxiety level goes through the roof and I turn into a little freaked out chihuahua at the thought of competing against others.  Paralyzing.  This will send my cortizol levels through the roof!

But I do like competing against myself.  Doing better than I did before.  Kicking my own ass.
And let's be honest -- I love getting my picture taken.  Especially by professionals.  And I know I'll be in good hands with Khammy.  Seriously, look at her Instagram and Flickr streams.  She has an amazing eye.

Okay, in the spirit of honesty, here's what I have to start with...

Not bad.  But not at my healthiest.  And with a personal and family medical history like mine, I really can't afford to dick around.  Not at my age.

So, my goals, by November 5th, are...
- strong cut arms
- strong, well-developed legs
- a 28" waist
- 21% bodyfat

I have other exact numbers in my plan, but I don't want to share right now.  Just trust that I've thought long and hard on where I want to be.  I've done the research.  And my goals are realistic to my height and build.

Plus, I want to see what the Isagenix products can REALLY do!
Can't wait!!!

But seriously, guys, this is what I'm thinking...

No matter what, on November 5th, I will be in that studio wearing a bikini.  What I look like in it is COMPLETELY UP TO ME.  I need to get my ass in shape!

It's going to be a wild ride!  Wish me luck!  Ready to come along?

8 Empowering Breakup Songs...

25 July 2014

Roomie was my 3rd boyfriend.  We then went on to dump each other and marry our exes: each other.

Okay, I'm sorry.  That was obnoxious.  Don't blame me.  That's actually Roomie's joke.

So, that means I broke up with 2 boyfriends before him.  Well, sorta.
I started dating my 1st boyfriend at the age of 19.  He dumped me for another girl two years later.  
I started dating boyfriend #2, a dude who would eventually become my best friend's ex-BIL.  He didn't support my pursuit of education, so we broke up, and I got back together with boyfriend #1.  
Well, THAT was a mistake because he had turned into a really possessive and controlling dude.  He demanded that I stopped talking to the guys in my classes, which was really hard considering I was the only girl in most of those classes.  Engineering school.  Need I say more?
Anyway, when I went on a weekend camping trip with some friends, he proceeded to stalk my parents demanding to know where I had gone.  So, I dumped him.... for Roomie.

Did you get all that?  Okay, awesome.  

So, technically, I kinda got dumped once.  Really.  Go back and read it again.  I'll wait.
Back?  Groovy.

Yeah, I didn't deal with the breakup very well.  I didn't think I was ever going to recover.  He was my first boyfriend!  (And the guy my mother convinced me I should be marrying.)  To my muddled, innocent brain, I screwed up and lost the only love I was ever going to know!  OMG, I was NEVER going to find love ever, ever, EVER again!

Yeah, whatever.  After a few Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", I was all bouncy back and "kick that guy's ass to the curb!"

Seriously, that song saved me. Well, that and a couple of tubs of Haagen Daz.

Anyway, I wished I had known of more songs like that back then.  These days, we have many more awesome "I deserve better than you, jerk!" songs.  Fortunately, I won't be needing them myself, but in case my babies run into their own jerks/jerkettes when they eventually enter the dating scene at the age of 30, they'll have any of my faves to choose from...

Okay, that's my list.  Which songs would you add?  What's on YOUR list?

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