Sweet Spotlight on... Readers!

Photo: Huddle

As my 52WoC task for this week, I am turning the spotlight on you, my dear readers, namely those of you who've taken the time to take part in discussions, offer opinions, or just drop a line to say 'hi'. And I'm very happy to say that some of you commentors have become friends.

I think this is a great thing to do, in and of itself. Without our readers, where would our blogs be, right?! So, I'll be doing this Readers Spotlight thing periodically. If you comment, one day, you too will be featured!

For this post, I've selected 5 commentors who I thank for their support and participation by featuring them here and sending them some link love. Check 'em out!...

  • albert bannatyne/g.e. stove - A shady character I've known for years through Roomie... a good friend we just don't see often enough... very happy he reads my blog.

  • Arturo - A CRONisto, Ashtanga yogi, and architect... one of the most supportive and caring friends I met through the CR Society... hope to meet him in person one day.

  • Mrs.Mogul - A "thirty-bleh-bleh" wife and mum who used to work in the Biz... she's my pop-culture-crack dealer... her blog's on my daily must-read list.

  • myrtle - A gen-Xer, hula dancer, computer geek, natural health fan, wife, mum and sushi addict... sounds like me, eh?!... she's my non-filipino twin and my friend forever.

  • Zandria - A 20-something thoughtful and health-conscious lady... she's a savvy single through whom I vicariously live when my married-with-kids life gets a little nutty.

  • Thanks to you all for being a part of my bloggy life... and I look forward to hearing more from you!

    Kim Possible Theme

    Okay, I'm not ashamed to admit it: Kim Possible is probably my 3rd favourite animated show... after Futurama and The Simpsons, of course. My 5yo son watches it on the Family Channel, which I'm okay with because the channel doesn't have commercials, and the shows it airs are rather amusing.

    And now the theme is going through my head on an infinite loop, which I don't mind because it's a cool, catchy tune...
    I'll let you know if I still feel the same 3 days from now. I may just be screaming "Make it stop! Make it stop!" and trying to gouge my eyes out. :)

    Check it out...

    So, what do you think? Cool, eh?! :)

    Want the soundtrack? Check it here...
  • Kim Possible Soundtrack - Various Artists
  • Darling, How You've Changed!

    Photo: Erudite at Gecko & Fly

    A lot has changed in the short time since my blog went from a strictly-CRON diary to a life-improvement blog under the LifeCandy domain and persona.

    I've made some fabulous friends, grown in my awareness of social issues, and enjoyed the various characters and events in the blogosphere. I've learned a lot about writing, increasing traffic, and the myriad ways of monetizing my site.

    And I also pleased the geeky, creative control-freak in me by learning how to tweak and customize my own template, slowly morphing its look and giving it a (IMHO) much needed boob job!

    The screen capture above is the look of the original Erudite template. Check out the demo. I liked the bones of the layout... but the rest really needed customizing. I'm not even sure its Erudite roots show at all!

    So, how do you like these knockers now?! ;)

    Goods 4 Girls

    Goods for GirlsYou all probably know about the new Always and Tampax initiatives to supply menstrual hygiene products to African school girls. These young ladies would typically stay at home from school during their periods, and with these products, they don't have to miss a single day or fall behind.

    Unfortunately, the garbage produced by the plastic applicators, bleached cottons, and synthetic fibres of these disposable products just create an added burden on communities that burn their solid waste.

    And burning plastic is not nice... try inhaling them fumes!

    Fortunately, there's Goods 4 Girls, a greener initiative that works with aid and relief organizations to bring new, reusable cloth menstrual pads to areas of Africa with adequate water supply for washing.

    Not only is this a more environmentally friendly alternative, it also eliminates the dependence on outside aid organizations for a continual supply of menstrual products. Super sweet, eh?!

    Want to show your support? You can donate new pads that you make, buy at your local store, or buy online (just set the delivery address to Goods 4 Girls).
    And if you have a blog or website, you can help promote Goods 4 Girls by putting up one of their banners.

    I'm really excited about this initiative... so much so that I've even bought my own first set of new, reusable products at sckoon.com... yeah, yeah, TMI... but it's my blog, so... too bad. :)

    Recommended Reading:

  • Chrunchy Chicken (the blog of Deanna - organizer of Goods 4 Girls)
  • Green as a Thistle (a cool blog with more green ideas)
  • The Best Love of All

    Photo: Mini & Me

    It was a very cold day yesterday, but when we set out, my 3yo Mini-Me* refused to wear her favourite, warm, pink & black hat, choosing to wear just her coat hood instead.

    Later that afternoon, we decided to spend some time at our favourite bookstore. As I unbuckled her carseat, I asked her if she wanted to wear her hat.

    "Yes...", she said with a shiver. She looked up at me gratefully as I produced her beloved hat and slipped it on her head.

    Mini gripped my hand as we started for the store. "Did you bring my hat for me just in case?"

    "Yes, I did," I smiled down to my little sweetheart.

    She smiled back. "I love you, Mommy. You're the greatest mommy in the whole wide world."

    I hugged my little girl there between the cars, trying not to weep like a baby.

    Happy Valentine's Day...

    * not her real name... no, really...

    Recipe: Hawaiian Ambrosia

    Hawaiian Ambrosia is a fresh and tasty dish you can have alone for breakfast, as a side for lunch or dinner, or as a healthy dessert.
    It's so ridiculously easy to make, you can do it with your eyes closed... which I don't suggest you do unless you're wearing trench coats, a scuba suit, or having a 'naked day'.
    This is my own recipe, and I hope you like it. I do... it truly tastes like the food of the gods and goddesses. :)


    * 1 - 500ml container plain yogurt (low fat to full fat)
    * 3 - 398ml cans of tropical fruit (papaya, pineapple, banana, etc.)
    * 2 - 284ml cans of mandarin orange segments
    * (optional) dried coconut flakes, or young coconut strands, available at any asian food store


    Drain canned fruit well. Add all ingredients together. Mix well, and refrigerate for 1 hour. Serves 6 as a side, less if eaten as a meal.