Sweet Spotlight on... Readers!

Photo: Huddle

As my 52WoC task for this week, I am turning the spotlight on you, my dear readers, namely those of you who've taken the time to take part in discussions, offer opinions, or just drop a line to say 'hi'. And I'm very happy to say that some of you commentors have become friends.

I think this is a great thing to do, in and of itself. Without our readers, where would our blogs be, right?! So, I'll be doing this Readers Spotlight thing periodically. If you comment, one day, you too will be featured!

For this post, I've selected 5 commentors who I thank for their support and participation by featuring them here and sending them some link love. Check 'em out!...

  • albert bannatyne/g.e. stove - A shady character I've known for years through Roomie... a good friend we just don't see often enough... very happy he reads my blog.

  • Arturo - A CRONisto, Ashtanga yogi, and architect... one of the most supportive and caring friends I met through the CR Society... hope to meet him in person one day.

  • Mrs.Mogul - A "thirty-bleh-bleh" wife and mum who used to work in the Biz... she's my pop-culture-crack dealer... her blog's on my daily must-read list.

  • myrtle - A gen-Xer, hula dancer, computer geek, natural health fan, wife, mum and sushi addict... sounds like me, eh?!... she's my non-filipino twin and my friend forever.

  • Zandria - A 20-something thoughtful and health-conscious lady... she's a savvy single through whom I vicariously live when my married-with-kids life gets a little nutty.

  • Thanks to you all for being a part of my bloggy life... and I look forward to hearing more from you!


    1. Yay! Well done on your reader spotlight! Thanks. :-)

    2. Wow! Thanks for the love! I feel pressured to write something good for you today LOL

    3. OMG... no pressure intended! Everything you've written has been perfect as is! :)

    4. oh, nenette, thank you, you're so sweet.

    5. How sweet you are! I think I really enjoy being called "thoughtful," "health conscious," and "a savvy single." Very kind of you. :)

    6. Love right back at you!