Setting Up My New Workspace

It's not ideal, but I love it!

After almost a year, we finally picked ourselves and our computer up off the floor and created a proper corner workspace, complete with... wait for it... desk and chair!

As you can see in the picture, among the essentials, we've set up our flat screen monitor (our gift to each other for our wedding in 2000 - it cost us a fortune back then!), games CD holder, my name board from my old cubicle at Nortel, and the absolute must-have: the picture taped to the side of the desk that Mini drew of her and her daddy.

The work surface used to be the table top of our old rickety computer tower. It's cantilevered off the wall so it looks like it's floating.
Made of particle board, it isn't the lightest (or greenest) thing, so the kids have been told explicitly not to lean on it. It probably won't fall, but we don't want to risk crushing our legs with a huge piece of particle board or losing our beloved all-about-the-romance monitor!

So, all that's left on the to-do list for this area are:
- replacing the desktop with a laptop
- putting the printer on... anything but the floor
- a good office chair
- a desk lamp
- an inspiration board

But as is, it's still infinitely better than the old setup, which you can see in this picture of Mini wearing her favourite black and white winter hat and playing on Webkinz.

Having a good work area is so important, no matter what you do!

So, how about you? Where do you work/blog/email? Do you have a home office, a corner of a room (like me!), or just anywhere?

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    1. Kitchen table - within arm's reach of the fridge - not ideal for those bored munchy moments. :-)

    2. Yay! Your very own workspace. Woohoo! Well done. Hope you find plenty of creative, productive moments in this space.

    3. It looks great! There may be stuff on the floor, but you'll deal with that in time. :)

    4. That does look great. I need to rethink my office/computer space as well. You have inspired me!

    5. @sara - yeah, I'm at the mercy of the munchies when I'm at the comp too... I'm just around the corner from the fridge too. :)

      @shai - thanks, shai :)

      @zandria - thanks, zandria... unfortunately, it'll probably take me another 8 months before dealing with the stuff on the floor! LOL

      @jen - thanks, jen, and I'm glad to have been an inspiration. :)

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