The Best Love of All

Photo: Mini & Me

It was a very cold day yesterday, but when we set out, my 3yo Mini-Me* refused to wear her favourite, warm, pink & black hat, choosing to wear just her coat hood instead.

Later that afternoon, we decided to spend some time at our favourite bookstore. As I unbuckled her carseat, I asked her if she wanted to wear her hat.

"Yes...", she said with a shiver. She looked up at me gratefully as I produced her beloved hat and slipped it on her head.

Mini gripped my hand as we started for the store. "Did you bring my hat for me just in case?"

"Yes, I did," I smiled down to my little sweetheart.

She smiled back. "I love you, Mommy. You're the greatest mommy in the whole wide world."

I hugged my little girl there between the cars, trying not to weep like a baby.

Happy Valentine's Day...

* not her real name... no, really...


  1. Awww! That's enough to make anyone tear. She's got such an honest and open heart - so precious! You're very lucky!

  2. Yes, I am very lucky... :)
    She's a clever and affectionate little girl with a rather mature, quirky sense of humour... she takes after me, of course. ;)

  3. That's so sweet Nennette. My hubby and I were laughing at my teenage daughter last night as she danced and boogied around our room in her own especially crazy way. He then said, "you remind me of when you were three and used to dance for us" and then she danced some more...We argue about winter clothes now (she & I) doesn't matter what I say, or the temp fr that matter..if it doesn't look good, or isn't cute..she'd rather freeze. Sometimes I really do miss when she was three, when everything I said was golden...sigh..but I wouldn't trade NOW for anything. Enjoy these years..they are so sweet!


  4. thanks, Deborah... they do grow so quickly... I was just looking at some pictures of her as a newborn, and as much as I enjoy her as she is now, I do miss those days too.
    thanks for sharing your story. :)