Recipe: Hawaiian Ambrosia

Hawaiian Ambrosia is a fresh and tasty dish you can have alone for breakfast, as a side for lunch or dinner, or as a healthy dessert.
It's so ridiculously easy to make, you can do it with your eyes closed... which I don't suggest you do unless you're wearing trench coats, a scuba suit, or having a 'naked day'.
This is my own recipe, and I hope you like it. I do... it truly tastes like the food of the gods and goddesses. :)


* 1 - 500ml container plain yogurt (low fat to full fat)
* 3 - 398ml cans of tropical fruit (papaya, pineapple, banana, etc.)
* 2 - 284ml cans of mandarin orange segments
* (optional) dried coconut flakes, or young coconut strands, available at any asian food store


Drain canned fruit well. Add all ingredients together. Mix well, and refrigerate for 1 hour. Serves 6 as a side, less if eaten as a meal.


  1. Yum! Want some right now!!! :)

  2. That sounds really good! Fresh tropical fruits and yogurt sound so good right now.

  3. Sounds fabulous. Great summer snack/meal. Will keep this in mind.

    And yep, I've already subscribed to your blog. :-)

  4. Be sure to let me know when you make it, how it turns out, and how you liked it, Ladies! :)

    Make your own changes... personalize it... make it your own... and of course, enjoy!