Darling, How You've Changed!

Photo: Erudite at Gecko & Fly

A lot has changed in the short time since my blog went from a strictly-CRON diary to a life-improvement blog under the LifeCandy domain and persona.

I've made some fabulous friends, grown in my awareness of social issues, and enjoyed the various characters and events in the blogosphere. I've learned a lot about writing, increasing traffic, and the myriad ways of monetizing my site.

And I also pleased the geeky, creative control-freak in me by learning how to tweak and customize my own template, slowly morphing its look and giving it a (IMHO) much needed boob job!

The screen capture above is the look of the original Erudite template. Check out the demo. I liked the bones of the layout... but the rest really needed customizing. I'm not even sure its Erudite roots show at all!

So, how do you like these knockers now?! ;)


  1. LOL. Liking it for sure! :-) Well done, you.

  2. Holy great makeover, Batman! The site looks completely different. Good job with all the coding! (I bet you've had a few cross-eyed nights yelling at code, haven't you? Or is that just me? lol)

  3. @shai:
    Thanks, Shai! :)

    Thanks, Jami! :) Yeah, I kept having freaky flashbacks to my old sw design days when I'd be sitting in my cubicle screaming "Why are you doing *that*? You're supposed to WORK!!!" at my monitor... ah, the good ole days... LOL

  4. Looking good!
    But keep up with the CRONs posts. It is scary what they do to our food these days. We need health consciousness and CRON posts too!

  5. @gypsy girl:
    Thanks!... and don't worry... CRON is still a big, if not the biggest, component of my idea of living the sweet life and life-improvement, so you'll still read a great deal about it here. :)

  6. hi nenette
    it's great that you have the talent to manipulate the code for the blog. IDTBIC with my skills, since my programming background is limited.

    ps, i'm trying to not have too much of me to hug - my weight fluctuates a lot recently.

  7. Thanks, Arturo! :)
    Yes, it's nice to know that my old programming skills are still useful!
    Hugs back to you... I too have a couple of extra pounds to hug... there seem to be many of us in that boat at the moment... xo