things I have done.

First, I gave you my life/bucket list.  Then, I gave you my f*ck it list.  Last week, I gave you the list of things I've never done.  And now, I give you...

the list of things I have done

I'm forty-one.  And eleven-twelfths.

And I have...

1:  Been a runway model.

circa 1990

2:  Moved from The Philippines to Canada.

3:  Lived in Hawai'i.

4:  Proposed to my husband.  Naked.

5:  Played the bass guitar in a band.

good grief, my hair...

6:  Traveled by train from Manitoba to British Columbia.

7:  Given birth with pain medication.

8:  Joined the Mile High Club.

9:  Earned a Computer Engineering degree.

10:  Given birth without pain medication.

mama and mini

11:  Taken figure skating lessons.

12:  Taken Hawai'ian Hula dance lessons.

13:  Taken tae kwon do classes.

14:  Taken Sikaran classes.

15:  Had 3 of my Canada Moms Blog posts selected by McClatchy-Tribune for US syndication.

16:  Danced the Hawai'ian Hula on a parade float.

17:  Painted a whole room by myself.

18:  Cared for a dog and 3 cats.  But not all at the same time.

19:  Done the CRON eating plan.  And had great success.

20:  Written the first 3 chapters of an erotic romance novel.

21:  Opened my own Hawai'ian Hula dance school.  

22:  Started and maintained a blog of my own for 4 years.

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  1. Great list, I'm jealous! What an interesting life so far! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You've done some pretty cool things. Great list!

  3. Love this! You've led a busy, fun, full life! And I adore that you found pics to add in!

  4. Hah, proposing while naked - guaranteed way to get your man...

  5. i need to hear the mile high club story

  6. That's a great list and just think what interesting items you're going to add to it during the next 41 years?

    What is the difference between "erotic romance" & "lady porn" ?

  7. You've had quite a fascinating past Nenette. I can't wait to see what's to come for you!

  8. @Donn: Totally the same thing, my friend. :)

  9. When did you have a dog?

    Hmm, I've done more of your "things I've never done" list than this one.

  10. Good god! You gave birth without pain medication?!?!

  11. @myrtle: I was 10 years old, and had her for 2 years. Her name was Cutie. And the cats were/are Quincey, Neo, and Mittens... as you already know. :)

    We need to do sushi again soon for a done/not-done list comparison!

  12. @Anonymous: I had no choice. By the time I needed it, it was too late!

  13. Great list. I admire you for giving birth without medication!

  14. first visit to your blog and im totally intrigued.. need to go read your other lists! wow!! great to meet you via mamakats

  15. You have a Hawaiian Dance school of your own? Wow! If you weren't so far away from me, I'd come take classes for fun!

  16. You know the great thing about DOOL? You can not watch it for years and then one day you're home sick and you flip it on and NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Marlena is STILL IN MORTAL PERIL. The only thing to figure out is are Bo and Hope together but suffering through some heart-wrenching tragedy, or are they apart but working their way back together? I really do love the consistency.

  17. What an amazing list of accomplishments!