things I've never done.

I'm forty-one.  And eleven-twelfths.

And I've never:

1. Set foot in a Scottish Castle.

Eilean Donan seat of Clan MacRae

2. Needed to colour my hair... yet.

3. Eaten frog legs.

4. Been to Miami.

5. Run a marathon.

6. Starred in a porn film.

7. Seen Casablanca.

8. Read The Lord of the Rings (I know... I hang my head in shame).

9. Ridden an elephant.

10. Worn stilettos.

11. Been to Nova Scotia.

12. Been to Newfoundland.

13. Been to Prince Edward Island.

14. Watched Superbad.

15. Discovered a new planet.

16. Gotten a tattoo.

17. Drunk a flaming sambucca.

18. Harvested pineapples.

19. Taken a boat down the River Nile.

20. Guest starred on Doctor Who.

21. Slept in a hammock on a beach.

The idea for this post was stolen from Mama Kat, who stole it from the Pioneer Woman.  Lots of kleptos I follow. 
If you're  klepto too, feel free to steal this.  It's okay -- I'll just look away, like, oh, look at this plant, it's so nice... have you stolen it yet?  no? okay... oh, look, I'll just count the leaves over here...

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