things I've never done.

I'm forty-one.  And eleven-twelfths.

And I've never:

1. Set foot in a Scottish Castle.

Eilean Donan seat of Clan MacRae

2. Needed to colour my hair... yet.

3. Eaten frog legs.

4. Been to Miami.

5. Run a marathon.

6. Starred in a porn film.

7. Seen Casablanca.

8. Read The Lord of the Rings (I know... I hang my head in shame).

9. Ridden an elephant.

10. Worn stilettos.

11. Been to Nova Scotia.

12. Been to Newfoundland.

13. Been to Prince Edward Island.

14. Watched Superbad.

15. Discovered a new planet.

16. Gotten a tattoo.

17. Drunk a flaming sambucca.

18. Harvested pineapples.

19. Taken a boat down the River Nile.

20. Guest starred on Doctor Who.

21. Slept in a hammock on a beach.

The idea for this post was stolen from Mama Kat, who stole it from the Pioneer Woman.  Lots of kleptos I follow. 
If you're  klepto too, feel free to steal this.  It's okay -- I'll just look away, like, oh, look at this plant, it's so nice... have you stolen it yet?  no? okay... oh, look, I'll just count the leaves over here...


  1. I've never worn stilettos either! I think my legs are too chunky for those delicate shoes.

    I also wanted to include that flaming drink in my list but didn't know what it was called. It's on your list! Hahaha. Kindred souls. Mwah.

    Frog legs taste like chicken; you're not missing out.

    I've never seen Casablanca either! I think you should be in a particular mood to see it.

    Never read LOTR either. I tried starting but... it wasn't my thing :P Just keeping it real.

    We should totally make that snowman together yes.

  2. SIGH!!! I've never starred in a porno either.

  3. Ha! I have never done any of these things either! But that hammock on the beach looks awesome!! I could go for some of that right now ;)

  4. Ah, I've done most of these things, they're all over rated. Except #6, which is underrated.

    I think that you have to qualify these things by reading them out loud and appending "as far as I know". Try it now!

    "I've never starred in a porn film... as far as I know."

    "I've never gotten a tattoo... as far as I know."

    "I've never eaten frogs legs... as far as I know."

    And everyone's heard the legend about pineappler harvesters losing their fingerprints due to the acidity in the fruit.

    And what about New Brunswick? Why does New Brunswick not rate a mention in your list of Atlantic provinces you have neglected to visit?

  5. OK, now I am taking these as random things that you haven't done, not unfulfilled ambitions!

  6. Lady, you need to get a tattoo and then relax on the beach in Miami, like, stat. ;)

    This is a fun blog post... must do it soon!

  7. i've done 8 of them but i'm not telling you which darling that would be no fun;)

  8. @Albert: Why would you assume I've never been to New Brunswick? :)

  9. @Rock Chef: Oh dear RC, why would you assume that they aren't unfulfilled ambitions?

  10. Ha, ha. This is a great list Nenette. I've only done one of these things.

    And I'm with Jen. That hammock is loudly calling my name. If I came across the vision from that photo right now, I would run to that hammock and hop in!

  11. Well one of them is the sort of thing that is probably best got out of the way before you have a family. What child wants to go to school to find that half the class has seen their mom on Dr Who?

  12. I love your list! I did mine, too, but it's not as fun as yours.

    Found my way here via Toni's blog

  13. What a great list! I love reading all of these prompts!

  14. @Rock Chef: LOL I guess it's an ambition best left for another lifetime then. :)

  15. I've never needed to color my hair. But I do it anyway :)

  16. Love the adventurous spirit of your list! Can I join you for the castle? I'll skip the frog's legs. I've been contemplating dying my hair. I don't have a lot, but white hairs show up on dark hair. (rolling eyes) I've never read Lord of the Rings either, but do think about getting a tattoo! :> Stopping in from MamaKat's!

  17. HAHA!! I love this list. And I love that hammock shot. Perfection...

  18. I have "Never seen Casablanca" on my MamaKat list too! AND I'm a freelance writer. We should be new BFFs--call me every 10 minutes. :)

  19. #1 - never been to a Scottish Castle, but have been to a German one an it was amazing in it detail to craftsmanship with the primitive tools that were available when they were constructed.

    #2 I am envious of because I started going gray at 28.

    #6 -That is a good thing. I have never been in one either, but the worst thing in the world is many years after you have allowed someone to photograph you naked to wonder if it will turn up on the internet and be recognized by one of child's friends at school and have them picked on over it.

    #9 - Is like riding a 10 foot tall pregnant horse (Circus was in town and paid $10 to ride one).

    #10 - More painful than childbirth without an epidural - if you are going to try them, get one with a platform so there is not such a steep arch.

    #14 - not missing a whole lot - would have been a good film if it had been centered entirely around the "McLovin" character. The rest of the movie sucked.

    #15 - If you want to lower your standards and outsource and name a star instead of planet, has opportunities as low as $14.95 (know you are wanting to know if, "But wait their is more!"...sorry...not a ShamWow, but a free Star Certificate Gift Package, including a CD so you can find the star on your computer, a free 87 page eBook, but, for an additional fee, your star name and photograph launched into space via rocket...soda bottle, baking soda and vinegar not included).

    16. I have never gotten one either, but my best friend got one on her shoulder when she turned 50 and loves it and would recommend waiting until that age, because you know what you want in life and hopefully, your body isn't going to morph a lot after that (thinking back to the the county fair with an old lady who had apparently gotten one in her teens on her biceps and was now but indiscernible due to weight loss and wrinkle and another gal in her 30's that must have gotten a tatoo on her thighs in her teens and gained 100+ pounds since then and now looked like a giant bruise).

    I think better things to add would be affecting and helping people in a positive manner and donating time, attention or at least money to worthy causes, such a teaching Junior Achievement, mentoring a child after school, participating in charity programs, sorting canned goods for a food bank or participate in a "Day of Caring" and paint an elderly person's house or a non-profit's business, all of which I have participated in and thankful for the experience and the knowledge that I was able to impact another person's life in a positive way.