30 days of truth: day 01 → something you hate about yourself.

Part of the 30 Days of Truth

Okay, I said I'd do this, and here we are, over a month later, and I haven't even done one!  Read on, and you'll see why...

day 01 → something you hate about yourself.

I think hate is too harsh a word for describing anything about myself, but if there is something I'd like to change about myself, it's my utter lack of self-discipline.

I'll eat the last chicken drumstick left over from dinner even though I've already eaten my caloric limit for the meal.
I'll sign up for yet another committee at the kids' school even though I'm already strapped for time.
I'll decide to make curtains instead of buy them because my frickin' TO-DO list is apparently not long enough!  Bloody hell!!!

And it's made my life so much more complicated!

All my nefarious (yes, nefarious) plans to simplify my life are turned to poop by my inability to control myself.

I end up doing extra workouts to lose the extra weight.
I end up putting off or juggling other activities to fit in the other commitments.
I end up having to deal with all the materials and crap needed to make the frickin' curtains!!!

And I end up starting a blogging project over a month after I say I'm doing it.

I need to say NO more often.

And I think I'm learning how to do that.  Really.

catching up, which includes why I think I have a thing.

Hi! My name's Nenette, and this is my blog. I'm so gla--. Oh, you do remember me!

Ew. Awkward. I've been non-bloggie for a while, and I thought you'd forgotten who I was. Heh.

Okay, so what have I been doing? OMG, so much!

1: Discovering the whole hormonal perimenopausal thing.
Remember the surgery I had 2 months ago that was supposed to solve my hypermenorrhagia? Yeah, it didn't work. At all. I seriously should've bought shares in feminine pads.

When I went back to my ob/gyn, she suggested I set my uterus on fire get an endometrial ablation. She didn't order any hormone tests. No questions about other symptoms. Nothing. This woman is all about effect -- cause could go to hell and die! Woohoo!

So, I decided to do some research. I found out that, at 41, I'm swimming in the sea of perimenopause and drowning in hormones that could explain the hypermenorrhagia and the whole whack of other problems I've had over the past few years...
- heavy bleeding (menorrhagia)
- uterine polyps
- ovarian cysts
- weight gain/difficult weight loss
- insomnia
- fibrocystic breasts
- foggy thinking
- water retention
- anxiety/irritability/mood swings
- frequent headaches

I'm going to get this all checked out by NOT my ob/gyn. I'll let you know what I find.

2: Changing the kids' room.
From an episode of Hoarders...

... to a real life version of Princess and the Pea, or Rapunzel, or the Swiss Family Robinson...

Looks like a completely different room, non?!

3: Putting up the Tree.
While Roomie and Lam were at the Santa Claus parade on November 13, Mini and I put up the tree. When the boys got home, Lam and Mini decorated. Too early? Nah! And now, we're all ready.

Bring it, Santa! No, really, bring it all. Lots and lots. My kids aren't naughty -- they're just weird.

4: Hot Yoga at Moksha.
"What's your thing?" people would ask. And I'd say, "You know... I don't think I have a thing."
Okay, I've had the "hula" thing for a while, but it's not something I do regularly or with as much passion as I used to.
I've had a few things in mind... cooking classes, singing classes, etc.

Then, a little over a month ago, the Universe, through Harmzie (who'da thought the Universe would have such a hard time getting Its own FB account), sent me a sign. Hot Yoga!

So, I've been 3 times. The day after my first class, I felt like I'd been hit repeatedly with a 2x4, but OMG, I truly loved it! And I immediately thought OMG, I think I have a thing! This is totally my thing!

If you're looking to push yourself, feel good, and get healthy, moksha hot yoga is the way to go.

5: And this happened to me again.
Call me Cletus. Roomie, no doubt, will.

So, what have you been up to this last week?

and the winner is...

... with 3 correct answers: Rock Chef


Please email me your address, and I'll send you the prize as soon as I can! Oh, what's the prize? Well, it's a surprise -- mainly because I haven't decided what it is yet.

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes and for joining my birthday festivities. You all are super yummy people, and so super funny! xo

ps - here are the answers!...

1: For her birthday this year, Nenette will most likely b) eat sushi, sign up for yoga, and hang out at the mall.

- with sick little Lam in tow, I couldn't really do a lot of the things I'd planned. Oh, he was feeling oodles better, but he still had a nasty cough that really had no business being in the middle of an enclosed room with a bunch of other little defenseless kids.

2: For her present, Nenette hopes to get a) a french press.

- I already have a netbook that I love to bits, and honey, I gotta say that I get lucky whenever I want to. ;)

But coffee at home for less than $2 a cup makes me horny squee.

Unfortunately, I haven't really been into coffee as much as I was a month and a half ago when I bought the bloody french press in the first place.
Ahem... for Roomie to "give" to me.

3: Nenette wishes she were a) 18 again.

- Why would I want to be a man? I would have to deal with having one of "those" things dangling between my legs every day. And Pond? I'd love to travel all over the place with the 11th Doctor, but I don't do red. Oh, but to be 18 again. I was yummy when I was 18 -- really, who wasn't?!

4: Recently, Nenette has grown to really love a) brushing her tongue.

- Have you tried doing this?! Go and do it now. Seriously, go.

5: Recently, Nenette has grown to really be annoyed by a) competitive cooking. (eg. Top Chef, Food Network Challenge, Iron Chef, etc.)

- When I tune into Food TV, I just want someone to show me how to grill a good steak or make a yummy, quick pavlova like Nigella does.

more confessions of a happy girl.

It's high time for me to write something new. Apparently, blogs don't write their own posts. I was actually hoping that, as I watched my front yard grass grow from this...

... to this,...

... posts would magically appear, or the old posts would start spawning new ones. Like bunnies. Or lice. Except nice lice. Interesting lice. Magical lice. Lice that make you smile and not itch.

Alas, no David Copperfield. No Siegfried. No Roy. Bummer.

So, I write. And today, I confess. Like the cool people...

The only cheesecake I really love is Double-D's frozen low-sugar Key Lime.

As much as I enjoy my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler, watching him act makes my skin crawl. Really, he should just give funny interviews and stand around looking hot.

If allowed, I would wear yoga pants ALL. THE. TIME.

I haven't read any Harry Potter books or watched any of the movies. I bought the first book though. Two years ago.

I have a weird crush on Christopher Heyerdahl. He may not be on my List, but he still makes me want to knit him a scarf and bake him muffins. It's the Voice, people. Have you heard him? Melty. Trés melty.

As much as I hate taking antibiotics, this latest round that banished my 2-week-long illness once and for all also took care of the weird neck blemish growth thingie I've had since Spring 2009.

Mel Gibson and Jay Leno can suck it.

I have been and always will be Team Edward.

I'm much more into Hooverphonic than I thought I was.

I tried so hard to get into How to Be Indie. But I just can't. It's painful to watch.

I also have a weird crush on Simon Pegg.

I'm planning to not talk about my kids so much here on Life Candy. I'm seeing this more of a place for me now. Just me. And all the crazy-ass shit I come up with.

I like the smell of gas. As in car fuel. Not farts.

I overuse the words "awesome" and "apparently".

I don't understand shoe addiction.

I like wearing low-cut/v-neck/scoop-neck shirts because I think it gives the illusion that my boobs are less droopy than they really are.

Weird crush #3: David Hewlett

I would LOVE to be in an episode of Sanctuary as an abnormal that gets to kick it with the team.

I am completely incapable of leaving a short, to-the-point voicemail message. Just call me Rambly McRambleson.

I would slather Reese's Peanut Butter Cups all over my body if I could. I love them THAT MUCH.


Also part of...

Mama’s Losin’ It

and now I'm prime too.

Yes, babes, it was his turn 3 days ago, and now, it's my turn. Today, I turn 41!

And because it's my birthday, I'd like you to humor me by taking my "Random Stuff" quiz!

Multiple choice. Each question will have only one answer. Please leave your answers in the comments.

Let's begin...

1: For her birthday this year, Nenette will most likely...
a) eat sushi, hang out at the mall, and get a hair cut.
b) eat sushi, sign up for yoga, and hang out at the mall.
c) eat sushi, get a massage, and hang out at a coffee shop and surf like she did for her 40th birthday last year.

2: For her present, Nenette hopes to get...
a) a french press.
b) a new laptop.
c) lucky.

3: Nenette wishes she were...
a) 18 again.
b) a man.
c) Amy Pond.

4: Recently, Nenette has grown to really love...
a) brushing her tongue.
b) poached eggs.
c) the 11th Doctor.

5: Recently, Nenette has grown to really be annoyed by...
a) competitive cooking. (eg. Top Chef, Food Network Challenge, Iron Chef, etc.)
b) Jersey Shore.
c) all the Mike Holmes tv shows.

The winner will get something. I haven't decided yet. xoxoxoxoxo

he's prime.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday! Yeah, this hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin'-love is now the prime age of 43.

Did you know that...

- he runs 5km 3 times per week?

- he records and graphs his run times, pulse rates, speed?

- one of the reasons he's against the invention of the time machine is the off chance that he could be trapped back in the past at a time before chocolate?

- one of his hobbies is recreational math? (No, that is not a typo.)

- he loves tween music (SClub, Steps, etc.) and harpsichord music (Puirt a Baroque, Puyana, etc.)

- he once bought a can of creamed corn to eat as a snack?

- his skin smells awesome?

- he can make anything sound perverted?

- he's a loving husband, a devoted father, and a loyal friend?

- and yeah, he's mine. :)

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, darling!
We love you!