more confessions of a happy girl.

It's high time for me to write something new. Apparently, blogs don't write their own posts. I was actually hoping that, as I watched my front yard grass grow from this...

... to this,...

... posts would magically appear, or the old posts would start spawning new ones. Like bunnies. Or lice. Except nice lice. Interesting lice. Magical lice. Lice that make you smile and not itch.

Alas, no David Copperfield. No Siegfried. No Roy. Bummer.

So, I write. And today, I confess. Like the cool people...

The only cheesecake I really love is Double-D's frozen low-sugar Key Lime.

As much as I enjoy my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler, watching him act makes my skin crawl. Really, he should just give funny interviews and stand around looking hot.

If allowed, I would wear yoga pants ALL. THE. TIME.

I haven't read any Harry Potter books or watched any of the movies. I bought the first book though. Two years ago.

I have a weird crush on Christopher Heyerdahl. He may not be on my List, but he still makes me want to knit him a scarf and bake him muffins. It's the Voice, people. Have you heard him? Melty. Trés melty.

As much as I hate taking antibiotics, this latest round that banished my 2-week-long illness once and for all also took care of the weird neck blemish growth thingie I've had since Spring 2009.

Mel Gibson and Jay Leno can suck it.

I have been and always will be Team Edward.

I'm much more into Hooverphonic than I thought I was.

I tried so hard to get into How to Be Indie. But I just can't. It's painful to watch.

I also have a weird crush on Simon Pegg.

I'm planning to not talk about my kids so much here on Life Candy. I'm seeing this more of a place for me now. Just me. And all the crazy-ass shit I come up with.

I like the smell of gas. As in car fuel. Not farts.

I overuse the words "awesome" and "apparently".

I don't understand shoe addiction.

I like wearing low-cut/v-neck/scoop-neck shirts because I think it gives the illusion that my boobs are less droopy than they really are.

Weird crush #3: David Hewlett

I would LOVE to be in an episode of Sanctuary as an abnormal that gets to kick it with the team.

I am completely incapable of leaving a short, to-the-point voicemail message. Just call me Rambly McRambleson.

I would slather Reese's Peanut Butter Cups all over my body if I could. I love them THAT MUCH.


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  1. I want to smother my body in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, TOO! And I love the smell of gas and I am Team Edward. Although I almost switched during Eclipse.

  2. If you start reading one Harry Potter book a day, and have a HP movie marathon after that, you may make it in time to watch the 1st part of the last movie.


    Actually, the 1st book is the hardest to get through. After that, good luck having a life as you race through all 6 books.

  3. Harry Potter is awesome. Start reading NOW. Also? I challenge you to a rambly voicemail contest. I am the worst.

  4. I just had a lengthy internal dialog that involved your freebie lists. I thought it was weird since the subject usually doesn't come up until April. This is kind of weirder...

    ...and thanks for the Reese's mental image! I'll hang on to that one for a while (that's actually way more sincere than it sounds, nudge, nudge, wink wink)

  5. I'm a total voice message rambler, too! Also Christopher Heyerdahl????? I thought some of my crushes were weird. But yours takes the cake, Love! ;) Awesome!

  6. So: 1 - WOW that grass grew fast. As fast as your shutter speed!
    2 - Reese's PB Cups are also great in DQ Blizzards. yummm...
    Fab confessions. I lazied out and did just ONE! :)
    Oh yes! and 3 - I ramble too. And repeat just in case they didn't get my # the first time.

  7. So loved this entryyyyyy. I'm clickety clicking on all those links.

    And I don't understand shoe addiction either. High five!

    By the way that Writing Prompts carnival is ultra-cool! I shall imitate you and join!

  8. Oh oh I tooo wish I could wear yoga pants ALL the time! Perfection:)