and the winner is...

... with 3 correct answers: Rock Chef


Please email me your address, and I'll send you the prize as soon as I can! Oh, what's the prize? Well, it's a surprise -- mainly because I haven't decided what it is yet.

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes and for joining my birthday festivities. You all are super yummy people, and so super funny! xo

ps - here are the answers!...

1: For her birthday this year, Nenette will most likely b) eat sushi, sign up for yoga, and hang out at the mall.

- with sick little Lam in tow, I couldn't really do a lot of the things I'd planned. Oh, he was feeling oodles better, but he still had a nasty cough that really had no business being in the middle of an enclosed room with a bunch of other little defenseless kids.

2: For her present, Nenette hopes to get a) a french press.

- I already have a netbook that I love to bits, and honey, I gotta say that I get lucky whenever I want to. ;)

But coffee at home for less than $2 a cup makes me horny squee.

Unfortunately, I haven't really been into coffee as much as I was a month and a half ago when I bought the bloody french press in the first place.
Ahem... for Roomie to "give" to me.

3: Nenette wishes she were a) 18 again.

- Why would I want to be a man? I would have to deal with having one of "those" things dangling between my legs every day. And Pond? I'd love to travel all over the place with the 11th Doctor, but I don't do red. Oh, but to be 18 again. I was yummy when I was 18 -- really, who wasn't?!

4: Recently, Nenette has grown to really love a) brushing her tongue.

- Have you tried doing this?! Go and do it now. Seriously, go.

5: Recently, Nenette has grown to really be annoyed by a) competitive cooking. (eg. Top Chef, Food Network Challenge, Iron Chef, etc.)

- When I tune into Food TV, I just want someone to show me how to grill a good steak or make a yummy, quick pavlova like Nigella does.


  1. Hi

    I WON! YAY ME!!!

    However, can I suggest that you send the prize to a runner up? Sending stuff across the Atlantic can cost silly amounts, so I will settle for bragging rights if that is OK.

  2. Somehow I missed your birthday post!! Happy belated birthday, darling!