catching up, which includes why I think I have a thing.

Hi! My name's Nenette, and this is my blog. I'm so gla--. Oh, you do remember me!

Ew. Awkward. I've been non-bloggie for a while, and I thought you'd forgotten who I was. Heh.

Okay, so what have I been doing? OMG, so much!

1: Discovering the whole hormonal perimenopausal thing.
Remember the surgery I had 2 months ago that was supposed to solve my hypermenorrhagia? Yeah, it didn't work. At all. I seriously should've bought shares in feminine pads.

When I went back to my ob/gyn, she suggested I set my uterus on fire get an endometrial ablation. She didn't order any hormone tests. No questions about other symptoms. Nothing. This woman is all about effect -- cause could go to hell and die! Woohoo!

So, I decided to do some research. I found out that, at 41, I'm swimming in the sea of perimenopause and drowning in hormones that could explain the hypermenorrhagia and the whole whack of other problems I've had over the past few years...
- heavy bleeding (menorrhagia)
- uterine polyps
- ovarian cysts
- weight gain/difficult weight loss
- insomnia
- fibrocystic breasts
- foggy thinking
- water retention
- anxiety/irritability/mood swings
- frequent headaches

I'm going to get this all checked out by NOT my ob/gyn. I'll let you know what I find.

2: Changing the kids' room.
From an episode of Hoarders...

... to a real life version of Princess and the Pea, or Rapunzel, or the Swiss Family Robinson...

Looks like a completely different room, non?!

3: Putting up the Tree.
While Roomie and Lam were at the Santa Claus parade on November 13, Mini and I put up the tree. When the boys got home, Lam and Mini decorated. Too early? Nah! And now, we're all ready.

Bring it, Santa! No, really, bring it all. Lots and lots. My kids aren't naughty -- they're just weird.

4: Hot Yoga at Moksha.
"What's your thing?" people would ask. And I'd say, "You know... I don't think I have a thing."
Okay, I've had the "hula" thing for a while, but it's not something I do regularly or with as much passion as I used to.
I've had a few things in mind... cooking classes, singing classes, etc.

Then, a little over a month ago, the Universe, through Harmzie (who'da thought the Universe would have such a hard time getting Its own FB account), sent me a sign. Hot Yoga!

So, I've been 3 times. The day after my first class, I felt like I'd been hit repeatedly with a 2x4, but OMG, I truly loved it! And I immediately thought OMG, I think I have a thing! This is totally my thing!

If you're looking to push yourself, feel good, and get healthy, moksha hot yoga is the way to go.

5: And this happened to me again.
Call me Cletus. Roomie, no doubt, will.

So, what have you been up to this last week?


  1. Hm, you seem to have pretty much the same symptoms as my wife. The only real "help" that she has been offered is the removal of everything. She is not allowed HRT because of the form of breast cancer that her mom had. Having to try to tough it out.

  2. YEP! Peri isn't just a Platypus, it's live post 35!

  3. I'm just glad to see you posting again, friend! :) Yay that your tree is up!

  4. Hey.... what happened to my comment?

    I think I said
    1. I hope you get to the root of the problem
    2. Amazing makeover! Love the before and after pictures.
    3. Nothing wrong with christmas tree up at this time of the year. Haha... mine's up toooo :)
    4. You know how much I like yoga, so I'm so happy that you found a style that you enjoy

  5. Hi!
    Your post made me laugh.
    I love what you've done with your daughter's bedroom. Looks very cool now!

  6. Blogging's your thing! :)

    Hey that room makeover is fab!!!