day 30 of 90: will this stuff also cleanse the gutter that is my mind?

Net lost: 3 pounds

Yeah, "net" loss. About 2 days after my surgery, I stepped on the scale and found I'd gained 6 pounds! 6 POUNDS!!!
Okay, my FatBet girls suggested that it might be water-retention from all the surgery and pain meds, which was so reassuring, but boy, did those numbers throw me for a loop!

Then, as planned, I started a cleanse/detox on September 29. Which means I'm on Day 3 of the cleanse. See? I told you I'd blog about math-y things.
I've done these cleanse-y things before, and I've read that it's always a good idea to especially do one after surgery to help purge the body of all the drugs and junk. This time, I'm doing the Wild Rose D-Tox by Canadian herbalist Dr. Terry Willard Ph.D.

Thing is it comes with a meal plan that you MUST FOLLOW to be successful. Yeah. Right.
Anyway, I'm already eating healthily so I'm just adding the herbals. The world hasn't kersploded, so I'm sticking to it.

So, what have I felt so far? Here are the top 3...

1: I'm having a seriously skeevy "stink like a hobo" situation! Gross. Something's coming out of my pores, and it's not the smell of roses and cinnamon buns.

2: I am always on the lookout for the nearest bathroom. This is a cleanse after all.

3: I've lost 7 pounds! Probably mostly water, but it's very motivating because it signals the start of fat loss.

All expected. So far, so good.


  1. hang in there. i'm curious to follow your cleanse. i've heard about the stink (ewww) but the results are supposed to be way worth it, right? my fingers are crossed for you, lady!

  2. @Minnesota Mamaleh: Thank you so much! Yeah, I can stink for 9 more days if it means I'll be feeling well afterward. :) I'll keep you posted. I'll be updating often.