30+year-old people are hot. it's true.

I am very blush-y, and you can totally see it through my "olive/tan" complexion.

Like, on Thursday, when I found out, just minutes before my surgery, that my gynecologist was going to have a young male student doctor get close enough to ask my lady bits out for coffee observe the procedure. When it comes to my privates, I can still be very shy.

Like when my daughter announces that Mommy's "boobs are big... like the Earth!!!" to everyone at Starbucks. I'm very easily embarrassed.

Like when I get compliments from really cool people I like. I'm so incredibly flattered!

Which happened this week when I was chosen as the Featured Blogger at Studio 30+!!!

OMG, lovely-loversons, you've got to head over to Studio 30+ and read all the lovely words they said about me and Life Candy. And all you 30+s can totally join while you're there!

For those of you who've just found me via that lovely site made for people no one should trust (Remember? "Don't trust anyone over 30"? Jack Weinberg? No? Okay, nevermind.), WELCOME!!!

I gotta say, I'm so glad to have found Studio 30+. I've always envied the 20-something bloggers for their group. I would sneakily join them, but my double-whammy of undeniable wisdom and embittered crotchetiness would likely give me away.
And I'm a member of several mommy blogger groups, but I originally started blogging as a way to help the non-mommy parts of my persona come out. And because I'm a cheap drunk, blogging gave me much more predictable, and less embarrassing, results than my favourite gin and tonic. Ahem.

Anyway, I wanted a place for me.

Studio 30+ is like Friends' Central Perk, where you can hang out, chill on the couch, and enjoy your gigantic coffee cups. Sans kids/mortgage/housework. If you're a 30-something or more blogger and want to find more of your kind, seriously go and join.

Thank you so much, Jules & Jerrod, for creating a place just for us. And thanks for the honour of being this week's Featured Blogger!


  1. Woohooooo! Featured blogger love!! You deserve it! You're funny, witty and always entertaining. They certainly made the right choice! That community looks interesting, can I join? :D :D :D

  2. Oh, fun! I totally want to be part of that club! You're such a hottie. xo

  3. Congrats on becoming the featured blogger! Studio 30 is a great place to meet other like minded bloggers. Keep writing.

  4. YOU are very, very welcome! We're glad you're a FRIEND!!! ;)

  5. Congrats on being a featured blogger! I just joined Studio 30+ myself and it is kind of nice to have somewhere to go with just us "mature" bloggers, ha!

    But I also sometimes sneak into the 20 something blogs and pretend to act cool until they sniff me out and throw virtual tomatoes at me.


  6. @Toni: Oh, please do join! I'd love to see you there!

    @Loukia: Aw, thanks... you are too, babe! :) Come and be part of the club!

    @Jen: Thanks! :) I'm loving it there.

    @Jules: It's an awesome place! You guys are fab! :)

    @Simple Dude: Oh, we're cool, dude. Just 30yo cool. :)

  7. Yay for you! This blog is a fantastic find. And being 30+ rocks. Seriously.