"okay, I've had it" #1: frontyard garden.

Note: I'm still in recovery-mode from Thursday's extravaganza, so no, I didn't do any of this gardening over the weekend. Please don't worry. I am, in fact, resting. Thanks! :)

If you've been reading me for a while, you'll know I've been all hot-n-heavy about my frontyard garden. The moment I was able to, I worked my pretty little bum off to turn the green wasteland that was this...

... into this...

garden - 10 08 04 b

Pretty, eh?! And for a while I was so proud of its organic eco-friendliness, lush beauty, and ability to cut in half the amount of time my husband looks like this...

Oh, yeah, so sexy.

But it hasn't been all sunshine and roses. (No, I didn't actually grow roses.)

OMG, the weeding, the mosquitoes, the dying plants, the invasive ones, the anthills!

When I came back from our week-long camping trip, there was an elm forest in my front yard garden! (Thanks for not chopping down your old sick elm tree, Ned Flanders!) The leaves of one of the hostas had been eaten up by some kind of crazy hosta-eating bug, and the Scotch moss had morphed into an anthill!


So, after 4 years of this, I decided to simplify and create a more minimalist garden...

1: Pare down the number of plant varieties. But all still perennials, of course. I've got it down to raspberries, peonies, irises, ferns, lilies, chives, purple coneflower, bergenia, sedum, hosta, primula, and chinese lanterns.
And I'll be paring down more in the future. Maybe give away the sedum and primula next. Baby steps.

2: Bring in the eco-grass. This isn't your same old Kentucky Bluegrass. I want to stay environmentally-friendly with grasses native to Canada. That means fescue, baby. And as you know, my lovely readers, I'm all about the au naturel lawn, so watering, fertilizing and mowing aren't things I want to devote my time to (see picture of my lawnmower man above). I just want a place to have picnics with my little girl in the sunshine.
I bought this...
... and after moving my plants to the perimeter, I threw the seeds in the soil in the middle of this...

The grass is growing as I type. Really! It's actually pretty cute out there. :)

Looking forward to only doing some work in my garden in the future.


  1. I haven't done a thing here in 7yrs! I HATE gardens, I just want mr Lawnmower to come along on his ride on and Hank Hill the whole thing. My hubbie should also be wearing a mask like that but instead he's covered in all you can find mosquito netting.

  2. I am like, the worst person ever when it comes to gardening. I don't even know how to pull out weeds. I can't handle gardening! So good for you for doing what you did!

  3. Coming to you via Studio 30+. Love the garden! I'm trying, very gradually, to move our yard from patchy grass to something more scenic, though still kid-friendly. By the time it actually happens, it may be GRANDKID friendly. But whatever. YOU did a beautiful job. Good job with the new grass!

  4. I found your blog via Studio Thirty Plus & glad I did! That picture of your husband and your comment made me laugh! Ha! My husband looks very similar. My husband resembles the men coming into Elliott's house to get ET at the end of the movie. Anyway, I know nothing about gardening, so I will definitely come back to your site! Good stuff!