Hello, Sweetie!

Hi!  I'm Nenette Alejandria Mayor -- or NenetteAM to the Internets.

I'm a lifestyle writer and entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness, fitness, business coaching, and balanced living.

I help brilliant women of all ages get their groove back, be sexy and successful, and create the life of their dreams

I dance hip hop and Hawai'ian hula, zumba, and weight train as my workouts of choice.

I've been known to have science and history documentary viewing marathons on Netflix.

I have a smartphone fully loaded with business books and smutty romance novels. But I still prefer the touch and smell of the pages of a bound paper book.

Friends tell me I smell like coconut and jasmine, which makes me so happy as it reminds me of my island girl heritage.

I love Doctor Who, cherries, and wine.  Preferably all at the same time.

I have been a family life blogger, a Hawai'ian hula and Tahitian dance school owner, director and instructor, a researcher, a boutique model, and a new wave band bassist.

I was a software design engineer for Nortel.

I hang out with my girlfriends. I laugh with my kids. I play with my husband. I live the Sweet Life.

Come along and I'll show you.  You'll find me in these pages -- my life, my ideas, my adventures.

Oh, and you'll occasionally find my family here too -- as proof that I haven't eaten my children (because they're so sweet and cute. Like cupcakes. Or leche flan.) or left my husband for my pretend boyfriends Gerard Butler or Benedict Cumberbatch.

xo, Nen


Where are you from?
I'm Filipina-born and Canadian-raised.  So, The Philippines.  We moved to Canada when I was almost 4.  And I still know how to speak fluent Tagalog.  In fact, I learned how to read Tagalog AFTER moving here.  It's all phonetics really.  Like Hawaiian.  And I've said too much.

Aren't you a mommy blogger?
I've been blogging about my life since 2005, and I've had the honour of blogging alongside some of the most phenomenal Canadian moms ever.  But as my kids grow, I've decided to turn the focus more to me.  Because I think I'm awesome.  And a wee bit narcissistic.

Why "Life Candy"?
You know how eye candy is "a treat for the eye"?  Yeah, like that, except replace "for the eye" with "for life".  Life treats.  Things that make life sweet -- you know, life candy.
Also, my childhood nickname is 'Candy'.  It's a Filipino thing.  Everyone had to have a nickname.  I'm just thankful I wasn't called 'Bong-Bong', 'Jhet-Jhet', or 'Wheng-Wheng'... which are actual nicknames of my cousins.

Can we exchange links?
No, I'm sorry.  I don't do link exchanges.  Neither should you.

Ok, Benedict Cumberbatch I get, but Gerard Butler?  Really?
What?  You don't think he's cute?!  Okay, so Lainey calls him "Spittle" and claims he doesn't know how to wear pants, but he's so funny, and he's cute, and he looks kinda like my husband.


I write a lot about my health and fitness journey. I also do A LOT of research.  The things I share are purely informational.

I also apologize for any overuse of the word "totally".

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