Hello, Sweetie!


I'm Nenette Alejandria Mayor -- or NenetteAM to the Internets.

I'm a lifestyle writer and entrepreneur with a degree in Computer Engineering (!), and I help brilliant women of all ages get their groove back, be sexy and successful, and create the life of their dreams.


In the pages of this blog, you'll find my passion for health and wellness, fitness, adventures with friends, balanced living, the joys of being a girl, and the sweet and saucy moments of everyday life.

You'll occasionally find my family here too -- as proof that I haven't eaten my children (because they're so sweet and cute. Like cupcakes. Or leche flan.) or left my husband for my pretend boyfriends Gerard Butler or Benedict Cumberbatch.


Dancing hip hop, hula 'auana and tahitian ote'a, Zumba, cherries, Doctor Who, science and ancient history documentaries on Netflix, coconut oil, the scent of jasmine, spiral bound notebooks, smutty historical romance novels.


Wearing turtlenecks, wet socks, winter, liars, booters, and the sound of the word "moist".

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