about me.

Hi, I'm Nenette Alejandria Mayor, also known around the interwebs as NenetteAM, but you can call me Nen.  I live in The 'Peg, Canada.

I have a degree in Computer Engineering, and have been a Polynesian dance teacher, researcher, boutique model, new wave band bassist, and yes, a software design engineer.

These days, I'm a wellness entrepreneur who loves to teach hula dance workshops, help people get radically healthy with nutritional cleansing, and write/blog about simple healthy living.

I started Life Candy in 2007, and here, you'll read about about my love of health & fitness, adventures with family & friends, simple living, and the everyday joys of being a girl.

So grab a cup of green tea/wine/tequila, wrap yourself in your favourite blanket, and relax while you dig into the pages of Life Candy.

Want to hang out?  Drop me a line!  And thanks for visiting!

xo Nen


    Where I've been featured
    • I was interviewed for Flare Magazine in 2005 for my hula school and performance group, Makana Aloha Hula

    Where I've written:
    • KIDoosh (blog) - Contrubuting Writer
    • CanadaMomsBlog.com (blog) - Contributing Writer  (March 12 2009 - February 14 2010)
      ** Various posts were selected by McClatchy-Tribune for syndication. **
    • BirthVine (magazine) - Guest Writer  "Our Family Bed", Spring 2006 - Volume 6 Issue 1.
    • Filipino Journal: Filipino Parent (news magazine) - Editor/Contributing Writer  

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