Hi!  My name is Nenette Alejandria Mayor, but you can call me Nen.

I'm a certified Hot Hula fitness® instructor, creative content writer, and safe beauty advisor.

I started LifeCandy in 2007 as a venue to share the lighter side of parenting life.  Over the years, as my children grew, LifeCandy evolved to be so much more.

This blog is all about the joys of being an island girl on the Canadian Prairie... with a focus on natural beauty, clean wellness, and easy, slow, prosperous living.

You'll also get the occasional story about my family just so you know that I haven't eaten my children or left my husband for any one of my pretend boyfriends.

This is also my IMDB page, because other than a gig playing a prostitute in a local short film (I am so not even kidding), I doubt I'll ever do anything famous enough to have an actual IMDB page.

So grab a cup of tea/moscato/tequila, wrap yourself up in your favourite blanket/parka/person, and relax while you dig into my online home.

Thank you -- Mahalo -- Salamat... for coming to visit!



Once upon a time, I was a riddle wrapped in an enigma covered in secret sauce.  Then y'all started asking questions...


So who did your blog?
Me.  I started with the Awesome, Inc. template on Blogger.com and coded the heck out of it.  Well, I have to put that software engineering degree to good use somewhere!  My domain hosting is easydns.com.

Can we exchange links?
No, I'm sorry.  I don't do link exchanges.  Neither should you.

Do you accept items for review?
Yes, I do.  But I don't accept everything.  They have to be a good fit with my blog and appealing to my readers.


When are you teaching hula classes again?
I am currently taking a break from teaching cultural hula 'auana at the moment.
I now teach Hot Hula fitness®! If you want to join in, head over here.

How long have you been dancing/teaching hula?
I started taking classes when I was 6 years old.  I started teaching in 2005.  So, it's been over 40 years now.


Where are you from?
I'm Filipina-born and Canadian-raised.  So, The Philippines.  We moved to Canada when I was almost 4.  And I still know how to speak fluent Tagalog.  In fact, I learned how to read Tagalog AFTER moving here.  It's all phonetics really.  Like Hawaiian.
What was the question again?

Did you really have a pet chicken?
Yes. In the Philippines. I named her 'Manok'... which means chicken. Yeah, two-year-old Nenette was shockingly creative.

Ok, Benedict Cumberbatch I get, but Gerard Butler?  Really?
What?  You don't think he's cute?!  Okay, so Lainey calls him "Spittle" and claims he doesn't know how to wear pants, but he's so funny, and he's cute, and he looks kinda like my husband.

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