Life Candy is about evolving and growing and being awesome.
It's about laughing and finding the amazing in every little thing, from the silly thing your spouse said that morning to finding the perfect lipstick to savouring the perfect piece of green tea infused chocolate.
It's about feeling and looking HOT no matter your age.
It's about finding balance -- enjoying work time, loving play time, and embracing me time.
It's about life-long transformation.  And personal re-invention.
And it's about creating the sweetest life ever dreamt of.  And living it to the full every day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.


Nenette of LifeCandyHi.  I'm Nenette -- or NenetteAM to the Internets.  And welcome to my online home.  Consider yourself hugged.

My mission with Life Candy is to show others that living The Sweet Life is possible, that everyone can do it no matter what stage in life, and that I can help you.

I am a life design wellness and success coach with Isagenix.  I lead an amazing team of healthy happy people, and together, we're changing lives.

write.  I dance hula and hip hop.  I eat paleo.  I cleanse.  I zumba.  I live the sweet life.

I married my university sweetheart, Roomie.  I am a mom to two beautiful babies, my son Lam and my daughter Mini.  We live on the Canadian Prairies with our cats Mittens and Cora.  We like to gather on the couch in our pajamas to watch Doctor Who. We vacation in yurts.  We leave the city and drive to small towns for ice cream.  And we laugh.  A lot.

I write about the sweet things in the everyday.  I write about life evolution and improvement.  I write about inspiring people and ideas.
And when I find something I really like, I'll share it here with you.

Oh, and I occasionally write about my family as proof that I haven't eaten my children or left my husband for my pretend boyfriends Gerard Butler or Benedict Cumberbatch.


Where are you from?
I'm Filipina-born and Canadian-raised.  So, The Philippines.  We moved to Canada when I was almost 4.  And I still know how to speak fluent Tagalog.  In fact, I learned how to read Tagalog AFTER moving here.  It's all phonetics really.  Like Hawaiian.  And I've said too much.

How long have you been doing this blogging thing?
I started Life Candy in 2007, but I started blogging in 2005.  It's been a wild ride!

Aren't you a mommy blogger?
You hear it everywhere:  "I'm a mom who happens to blog."  And I've had the honour of blogging alongside some of the most phenomenal Canadian moms ever.  But as my kids grow, I've decided to turn the focus more to my other passion:  personal health and wellness.  That's what you'll read here... among MANY other things in my sweet and spectacular life.

Why "Life Candy"?
You know how eye candy is "a treat for the eye"?  Yeah, like that, except replace "for the eye" with "for life".  Life treats.  Things that make life sweet -- you know, life candy.
Also, my childhood nickname is 'Candy'.  It's a Filipino thing.  Everyone had to have a nickname.  I'm just thankful I wasn't called 'Bong-Bong', 'Jhet-Jhet', or 'Wheng-Wheng'... which are actual nicknames of my cousins.

You're in your 40s but you look like you're in your 20s.  What's your secret to looking so young?
I think it's a combination of things: healthy living with Isagenix, the 'Asian gene' thing, and laughing a lot and enjoying life.

Who designed your blog?
I did.  I took this original template and went to town on it.  I needed to do it myself because I'm a control freak about how I want my blog to look, I like to  change  things up often, and I enjoy playing around with CSS.  Besides, that computer engineering degree's gotta be good for something.

Can you design my blog?
Sorry, I'm insanely expensive.  Only rockstars can afford me.  Seriously though, I wish I could, but my time is tight right now, and I can't take on any new projects.

Can we exchange links?
No, I'm sorry.  I don't do link exchanges.  Neither should you.

What's your blogging platform? Who hosts your domain?
I blog on Blogger, and my domain name service is handled by EasyDNS.

Ok, Benedict Cumberbatch I get, but Gerard Butler?  Really?
What?  You don't think he's cute?!  Okay, so Lainey calls him "Spittle" and claims he doesn't know how to wear pants, but he's so funny, and he's cute, and he looks kinda like my husband.


I write a lot about my health and fitness journey. I also do A LOT of research.  The things I share are purely informational.

I also apologize for any overuse of the word "totally".

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