About Me.

I'm a lifestyle/health/wellness writer and entrepreneur.  I empower brilliant women of all ages to get their groove back, get radically healthy, be sexy and successful, and create the extraordinary and abundant life of their dreams.

I'm a prairie-island girl, born in the beautiful tropics of the Philippines and raised in the clean frosty plains of central Canada.

I dance and weight train as my workouts of choice.

I've been known to have science and history documentary marathons on Netflix.

I have a phone fully loaded with business books and smutty romance novels. But I still prefer the touch and smell of the pages of a bound paper book.

Follow the scent of coconut and jasmine, and you'll probably find me basking in my island-girl heritage. Especially during the typical mind-numbing cold snaps of our Canadian winters.

I love Doctor Who, sarongs, and blueberries. I loathe wearing turtlenecks and the sound of the word "moist".

I have a degree in Computer Engineering.

I have been a family life blogger, Hawai'ian hula and Tahitian dance school director and instructor, researcher, software design engineer, boutique model, and new wave band bassist.

I laugh with my kids.  I play with my husband.  I hang out with my friends.  I'm living the sweet life.

And I'm so happy to have you here!

I founded Life Candy in 2007, and in the pages of this blog, you'll find my passion for health and wellness, fitness, adventures with friends, balanced living, the joys of being a girl, and the sweet and saucy moments of everyday life.

You'll occasionally find my family here too -- as proof that I haven't eaten my children (because they're so sweet and cute. Like cupcakes. Or leche flan.) or left my husband for my pretend boyfriends Gerard Butler, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Anson Mount.

So grab a cup of joe or green tea, wrap yourself in your favourite blanket, and relax while you dig into the pages of Life Candy.  (I did this the other day, and laughed my bum off!  Wow, my family's hysterical!)

Want to hang out?  Drop me a line!  And thanks for visiting!

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