my blog is so lovely, you can't eat your dinner.

Earlier this week, Nikki of My Cyber House Rules said:

"I love Nenette from Life Candy"

Aw, I love you too, Miss Nikki! And not just because you gave me this awesome award!
I know Nikki and her lovely blog through the lovely and talented Studio 30+ group, and lordy, she's funny. Her blog posts had me laughing so hard, I had juice coming out of my nose. Okay, it was actually water. I don't drink juice, but juice sounded funnier.
Oh, shut it, I've had a rough week with Mini throwing up the contents of her and 3 other little people's stomachs and Roomie sick with a man cold. I can make non-funny jokes and pretend they're all funny. It's my blog. Whatever.

Okay, with this great honour -- in case I've digressed long enough to make you forget what the honour was, check out the pic above -- comes great responsibility. And here are mine...

1: Thank the dude/dudette who awarded you with the award.
Thanks, Nikki! You rock harder than a huge pile of rocks!

2: Share the love with 15 8 other bloggers I've recently discovered.
I'm only listing 8 because sadly, I've been too busy dealing with 6yo puke (aka puke from a 6yo) and man colds to read new blogs. I will list them without description, in non-alphabetical order, and not in order of magnitude of loveliness. I love them all equally.

Mommy Wants Vodka (okay, this is more of a rediscover)
Miss Minimalist
Becoming Minimalist
Remodeling this Life
hula seventy
loving. living. small.
Be More With Less

3: Let them know you've awarded them.
This is the hardest part. Dang, these rules suck. Can't I just assume they have their Google Alerts set? Crap.

Anyway, thanks again, Nikki, for this lovely award for my lovely blog. And all of yous guys should go and check her out. She'll have you squirting various fluids out of your orifices too!


  1. Hope the family is feeling better soon!

  2. you are really and truly lovely. :) sorry to hear about the icks coming to your house. there's really nothing much worse, is there? hope everyone is healthy and you know, holding things down, in or whatever! :)