*updated* the life candy celebs...

... dance with Ellen... strike a pose with George Clooney on red carpet... nurse a starving baby in poverty stricken country... make it home in time to read stories to 6 multi-national children... flash va-jayjay stepping out of a limo...

And that's what they did just last week! Oh, and they also allowed me to interview them. :)

To read, just click on their name: Cyndi, Harmzie, Wyliekat, and Shar.

Thanks, ladies! It was fun :)

[Update: Just added Cyndi's interview. Be sure to check it out! Thanks, Cyn!]


  1. That was fun! Thanks again.

  2. Oh, you did NOT say va-jayjay! ;-}

  3. @harmzie:
    pleasure's all mine, harmzie-girl!

    oh, yeah, I totally went there! :D

  4. Mine is up! :) Hey - it wouldn't be an interview without it beling delivered flip-time! heheh!!