*UPDATED* my husband probably shouldn't be allowed into the dollar store with more than $5

I've been sick for the past couple of days. No mucus. Just headache, sore throat, mild nausea, and - OMG - fatigue! My limbs have felt heavy and REALLY REALLY LONG like this dude's (he shows up at the 45 second mark -- holy crap, I almost pee'd watching this again after all these years!)...

So, on Wednesday, I asked Roomie to stay home to care for the kids -- prepare their meals and bring them to/from school -- because, I seriously couldn't do it. Our young'uns would've had to search for Cheerios in the sofa cushions for sustenance.

Anyway, after dropping off our kids at school, my hottie-hot errand boy went to various stores for provisions. We were out of juice, milk, and granola bars.

Oh, and apparently we were also out of Spiderman and High School Musical pencils. Sorry, that's GIANT Spiderman and High School Musical pencils.

This picture doesn't do it justice. I should've put a chair beside them or the couch, so you could scale it. They're about the length of my thigh. About 60% of the time, the kids have been using them as lightsabers.

So, yeah, Roomie made a pit-stop at Dollarama for some pocket notebooks and figured his kids needed freakishly large pencils. These things come with their own sharpeners.
Thank heavens or I'd have to start a-whittlin'. Then I'd need a porch on which to whittle. We'd have to buy a house with a porch, and frankly, that's just too much of a financial commitment for us right now. So, yay, sharpeners!

Roomie said that he would've bought more stuff if he'd had more cash on him. Riiiiiight.

[Update: Roomie told me today that he had also bought "alien jars". I said, "Uh, wha?" He said, "Alien jars. You know, little jars to put little aliens in. And maybe also little pigs." Again, riiiiight.]

Anyway, here I am, on Friday, slightly shorter-armed and 2 giant pencils richer. And I feel good enough to start my 100 pushup challenge on Monday. No, I haven't started yet. Yes, I've been very lazy. I KNOW! Don't judge.


  1. Guilty as charged. I haven't started my challenge either... I've had excuses: been a bit under the weather, slept on my arm funny and it was sore, didn't want to overdo it before swimming etc etc etc. Let's make a pact, Monday it is! I will walk home from work and while dinner is cooking I'll so my test to see how many I can do. Will twitter you the results!

  2. Oh yes! dollarama, we managed to buy 10.00 worth of prizes for family fun night for the boys school, and they only wanted 6. We also bought 10.00 for ourselves. OK when I say "we" I mean Hubbie. I'm just so excited they have pregnancy tests,I've got 15 more years of buying them in my future. Of course they sell out fast, so we have to go to the one that isn't close to the HighSchool. LOL
    oops sorry tangent

  3. @Nicola:
    Okay, you're on. I'll twitter you my update on Monday too. I'll be looking for yours. :)

    LOL, you're so funny, Mary!
    Tangents are allowed here... my posts are nothing but tangents and streams of consciousness anyway! :)

  4. I must know more about this Alien/mini piglet jars!!! ;)

  5. I've started the 100 pushup challenge, oh, four times now. I've done week 2 three times. (sigh) At this rate it'll take me four years before I get to 100!

  6. I used to have a giant pencil, but it didn't have it's own sharpener. Fortunately, I was a well-equipped child and had a penknife :)

  7. @Jami:
    Stay tuned! I'll have a pic up shortly. :)

    Sounds like my future! I think I'll be repeating week 1 for a while.

    See? That's another thing I would've had to get to start whittling -- a penknife! LOL