Will hitting "Reset" rewind time & make me an 18yo hottie again?

So, last night, all 4 of us grabbed our favourite munchies and packed ourselves on the couch to watch Futurama: Bender's Game. We were all comfy cozy (Mini even fell asleep) and together as a family -- the best way to ring in the new year.

Now, it's 2009.

One of the first things I did after I woke up this morning -- with this atrocious "gluttony" headache -- was look at the list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2008. Well, imagine my horror when I realized...

Holy crap! I got NONE of them done!

Not one. Not even the Poker one! -- my 6-year-old can kick my ass at Poker!

Clearly, like many Resolutionists, I didn't take my goals seriously enough, didn't make enough time for them, didn't put in the effort, procrastinated, started doing other projects, and generally, thought "screw you, I'm going to the chocolatorium!".

So, this year, I've decided to make a new, more-realistic list -- not so many projects, a more channeled focus, and tied in with my Things to Do Before I Turn 40 (only 10 months to go!), which are marked in red italic.

The following is My List of 2009 Projects. I will focus only on these projects. And I will be taking YOU with me on this ride with progress posts right here on LC. Okay, here we go...

1) Get down to a healthy 115-118lbs or 21% bodyfat
I've already planned this down to weekly and monthly stages. Eat clean and healthy. Maybe do a detox too after all these chocolate and sweets I've had. And EXERCISE (hula and tabata). So I can proudly get that portrait of myself painted and, you know, wear that bikini by July. :)

2) Speak more Tagalog at home
So my family can finally learn!

3) Pay Big Chunk Off Debts
Meaning: monitoring all spending to find the "leaks", control big and small ways to save, finding better sources of income, etc.
So, my family and I can take a train trip to the west coast this summer.

4) Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
A. Declutter
B. Control Journal or something like it

5) Focus on Writing Projects (aka My Work-At-Home Gig)
A. post regularly on Life Candy
B. start my shopping blog
C. finish my first erotic novel... and freak out my friends who will wonder which characters are based on them! heeheehee!

Okay, that'll do. I'm thinking I can do all of that in the next 12 months. As long as I don't take on new projects until these are done. If I do, you have my permission to tear me new one. Really.

So, how about you? Do you have goals for 2009? What are they?


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I really like your project list. I have yet to put one together cuz I still haven't finished my crap from 2008! Oh wells... here's to success right?! Righ!!

  2. This is why I don't like new year's celebration and resolutions, the party's are overrated and the resolutions never stick! I think you've picked some good goals for this year though, it's the little things we should all be doing all the time, and it's good to take stock, write them down and also plan to get them done. Planning is the biggest thing, but everyone forgets to do it. Good luck! I'm looking forward to another year of lifecandy entertainment :-)

  3. @Carlene:
    Sometimes it takes more than a year to get stuff done... besides, you were a tad busy this year ;)
    Here's to another great one!

    Thanks! I've consciously tried to avoid using the word "resolutions". For me, those are much more wishy-washy than "goals". And yes, if I don't plan and write out my goals, I'm doomed to not get them done!

  4. The portrait painting is a tough one to put a schedule on, since the painting part is out of your hands (I think? Or is it a self portrait?).

    Have you already decided where this painting will hang? Michael Cowpland (former CEO of Corel) was famous for the giant portrait of his wife that was hanging in his massive foyer, above the fireplace or something. It was all the more stunning because Marlen Cowpland had (has?) a rather statuesque build, and hey, the portrait was of her in the nude.

    I'm not telling you how to decorate your house, just wondering if you've planned all of this out in advance. That's all.

    And WTF is with this captcha program --- this is the second suggestive word I've got in a row!

  5. @albert:
    It doesn't matter to me when the picture is done, because as far as I know, I can just give the painter a picture of me, and they'll paint my portrait from it. I don't have to sit for them. As long as the picture I give them is one of me -- slim and healthy -- before I turn 40, I'm good. :)

    The portrait will hang in Roomie's home office. LOL

    Re: captcha... maybe the universe is giving you some insight on your Inner Albert... or it's some weird disturbance in the Force.

  6. Nice goals! Good luck with all of them. And, thanks for sharing. :-)