Birthday Blogstravaganza: Part 5 - The Finale

My Virtual Blog Birthday Party is now winding down. I've steeped a nice pot of chamomile tea for those who've decided to stay over. Candles have been lit, and we're all just sitting around on the comfy couches, chatting about the game of "Spin the Bottle" that took place earlier... brings to mind one particular party game I once played...

It was 1987, and my group of friends had come over to watch the video of my big 18th birthday party, my Debut, that had taken place the weekend before.

At the time, I had a most embarrassing crush on one of the guys in the group -- let's call him Rob*. In truth, it was more than just a silly crush. Rob meant a lot to me, but I didn't think I was anywhere near the type he'd be interested in dating. I'd see him with other girls -- pretty and popular -- and I knew there was no way he'd see me as more than a friend.
Unfortunately, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, so the whole group knew about my feelings, including Rob himself. But I was convinced that if I didn't say anything, I could pretend that he didn't know and save myself from total embarrassment. Yup, coward, I know.

So, anyway, back to the party game...
One of my girlfriends decided that we should play Spoons. I don't remember the specifics -- I'd never heard of the game before -- but it was like Truth or Dare.
After a few rounds, it was my turn to either tell the truth or do the dare. I chose Truth. The question I was given was "Who do you like?". I was horrified. He was right THERE! What were they thinking?! Why would they want me to spill the beans? I was a total innocent at the time -- my days of accosting my future-husband in his car on my parents' driveway were in the far future -- so I couldn't read my friends' motives.

At this point, I felt like the center of a cruel joke and more than a little betrayed. In retrospect, these were my friends -- and they still are -- and I shouldn't have suspected anything bad, but at the time, I just needed to protect my feelings... so... I LIED!

Yes, folks, I cheated the game and lied. I told them I liked AJ* instead. Really, I wasn't going to bare my soul, not knowing how Rob felt! Seriously! Did they think I was crazy?!
Anyway, the get-together ended with all of my friends respecting that I didn't want to admit to anything that night. And life went on.

A few months later, Rob told me that he knew about my crush on him. By then, we'd become better friends, and I'd learned that he was even sweeter and kinder than I'd first imagined. I knew he wouldn't laugh at me, but I also didn't want to hear him apologize for not feeling the same way back.
So, once again... I lied... and told him I didn't feel that way about him anymore. I decided to let him off the hook. I just wanted to get over him. And in time -- a LONG time -- I did.

Okay, folks, that's my post-party drunken-buzz confession.

It may be my birthday, but now I'm going to give YOU a present -- well, one of you, at least. I've confessed my First True Love Crush story. Now I want you to tell me yours!

Share with me -- in the comments section -- your own First Crush story, and you may just win your own brand spankin' new copy of "Surrender" by Kimberly Zant, one of my favourite erotica books.

You must be 18 years of age and older. No purchase necessary.

You have until 11:59pm CDT, Friday, October 17, 2008 to give me your story.

Now, here's the twist... YOU get to vote the winner! Email me, and let me know which story you like the best. You cannot vote for your own story! In case of a tie, I place the tie-breaking vote.

Voting ends 11:59pm CDT, Monday, October 20, 2008. The winner will be announced the next day.

Thanks for coming to my 1st Blog Birthday Virtual Bash! I hope you had fun!

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* Names have been changed to protect the innocent... heck, I wish I could change *my* name in this story... yeesh...


  1. What a blog birthday celebration! Good on 'ya! :-) And my first crush story? I think I was 5 - and had a crush on a classmate. I still remember his first name and how he looked like. Hehe.

  2. I'm not sure if it was my first crush, but the first that stands out is when I started working at Chi Chi's at about 15. While seating customers I noticed some really nice biceps on the nearby busboy. Not giant but just nicely defined.

    I think it took about 3 weeks before I ever figured out who it was. I was so distracted by the arms I didn't look at his face.

    Does it count as a crush if it's just one body part?

    (although the face was pretty cute too)

  3. First off... lemme just say I LOVE your writing. I know I say that constantly on here, but girl, you crack me up!

    Ok, my crush story...
    I was a late bloomer, so my first crush was really as a freshman/sophomore in high school. I developed a major crush on the big brother of my little sister's best friend (can ya follow that??). He was a senior in my high school, incredibly smart (all AP classes), very tall, and in my mind, the end-all-be-all of boys. Mmm... since I wasn't yet totally comfortable with the whole liking boys thing (I was 100% in love with my horse!) I kept quiet. I was very shy back in those days.

    I'm not really sure if my family or friends knew about my secret crush. I didn't truly try to hide it, but I didn't show any "signs" either. I tried to avoid him and yet, tried to be funny and put extra effort into my outfits and makeup when my sister headed to their house.

    After 2 years of being quiet about my crush, (I was a sophomore now) he asked me to his senior prom. I remember I about fell over in the hall way! :) And since he couldn't get me my favorite flower for a corsage that night (gardenia and they bruise too easily to last all night) he showed up at one of my classes after prom with a gardenia corsage for me to carry around. I thought that was one of the sweetest things ever. Silly, gushy, girl. I know.

    So there it is... my first crush story. I'm sure some one will laugh their heiny off at this and it feels a little odd to write it out here for all the world to see, but, hey. What the hell, right? :)


  4. OMG Jami, that is the DREAM crush story! Don't be ashamed of that one. Of course I could see how it might be awkward in the family... but thanks for sharing - I loved it. I think I'll adopt it as my new first crush memory. Because mine is eversomuch more psychologically devastating:

    I was about five maybe. My mom's boyfriend's "baby" brother was about fifteen or sixteen, I'll estimate. He was soooo cuuuute! (Being five, the inappropriateness of it all didn't really occur to me - and I stand by that one.)

    Anyway, at one gathering or another, I whispered to my mom "I like Rutager" (names changed mostly to protect me, but anyone I wouldn't want to figure it out could figure it out, I suppose). Of course the whisper, as often happens, occurred *right* at a lull in the conversation, so I felt like I yelled it.

    Looking back and comparing it to if, say MY six-year-old daughter said something similar, IT WAS NOTHING (ok, maybe it was even cute). But I was devastated. So much so that I never admitted to liking anyone again, until the courting process* with my husband, and THAT was excruciating (fun! but difficult. We both still wonder how we ever got together in the first place.)

    *that makes it sound like we had a project charter & a flow chart. Believe me: having a process to follow would have been MUCH easier!

  5. Chi Chi's! I haven't thought of that place for ages. We need Myrtle to bring up Chi-Chi's tales more often --- stories of Sleazy Steve in the corner booth after hours, "working" late... and the girl who took off her clothes before breaking into her own house through the window because she didn't want to get them dirty...

    After seeing what kinds of nuts work preparing and serving food, how could anyone ever eat in a restaurant again? :-)

  6. Thank you all for your story submissions!

    Now, I ask Shai, Myrtle, Jami, and Harmzie to email me with their anonymous vote for their Favourite Crush Story.

    Good luck to all entries, and I'll get the winner to you on Monday!