7th Annual Life Candy Top 5: Who's on YOUR list?

It's that time of the year again, my beautiful sweeties!  It's time once again for the Life Candy Top 5 List!
Every year, on the 5th day of the 5th month, we take on that very, very serious project of selecting the 5 hottest celebrities we have permission to fool around with.

This is strictly physical, people.  No longterm relationships.  Just a fun one night stand.  Or an afternoon.  Or even an hour.  Don't go thinking this is going to go anywhere serious.  I will not bail you out of jail if you suddenly get it in your head to do a Glenn Close/Fatal Attraction thing on Prince Harry or Boy George or Phyllis Diller.

And this is totally for fun too.  I will also not bail you out for stalking.  I don't care if Marky Mark looked in your general direction.  He's NOT inviting you over for fondue and kanoodling.  Unless he actually says, "Hey girl, come over for fondue and kanoodling."  Then, by all means, have at 'im!

Anyway, you can check out my old lists too: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

So, because I've bared my soul, I expect you to please bare yours in the comments.  These lists can get rather nuts... and fun.  Need ideas?  Check out the previous years' comments.  There are a TON there!

1: Gerard Butler
Yes, he's still on the list!  Surprised?  He's still funny.  He's still cute.  He's still playful.  And he's still captivating on screen.  At least, that's what I've heard, because, for the life of me, I can't watch his movies.  Interviews are fantastic, but his films make my skin crawl.  It's like how I imagine I'd feel if my son's homeroom teacher suddenly started rapping an Eminem song at the school's June BBQ Talent Show.  Yikes.
Plus, I still haven't found out whether or not Gerry smells like sandalwood, which is oddly important to me.  Don't judge.

2: Tom Hiddleston
He played a hot bad guy.  He gets funny and playful, hamming it up for the cameras with his Avenger buddies.  He's a complete and total gentleman, speaking respectfully and almost worshipfully about women.  He'll suddenly become all Shakespearean in an interview.  I'm almost surprised that he doesn't get pelted with panties as he walks down the street on a daily basis.

3: Benedict Cumberbatch
Some will be surprised that Ben is in 3rd place, not 1st or even 2nd.  Gerry and Tom just edged him out.    But with a voice that when he speaks makes you feel like you're being wrapped in chocolate, his ability to pull off the perfect photobomb at the Oscars, the way he completely upstaged Kirk in ST: Into the Darkness, and the way he handles a long coat keeps him in the top 3.

4: Bradley Cooper
Fluent French.  I will never get over this fact.  And frankly, I'd probably feel the same if he could speak Italian or Hungarian or Hindi.  Just the idea that he has this colourful (kinda mysterious) past adds to his hotness.  N'est pas?

5: Joe Manganiello
"No, Joe, don't speak. Shh."

Okay, your turn...


  1. My Top 5:
    1. Gerald Butler
    2. Charlie Hunnam
    3. Bradley Cooper
    4. Vince Vaghn
    5. Chris Hemsworth

    Andrea Bjorklund

  2. No particular order:
    * Nathan Fillion
    * Daniel Craig
    * Teemu Selane
    * Jeremy Renner
    * Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - I'd like to find out what Jaime Lannister could do with one hand...

  3. Good list. Mine would be:

    1. Emma Stone
    2. Mary Louise Parker
    3. Ke$ha
    4. Kristen Bell
    5. Tina Fey

  4. Oh my, my list has changed so much! Here it is! 1. Taylor Kinney (Sorry, Lady Gaga. I love you, but Imma steal your man if I get the chance) 2. Ian Somerhalder, like nom nom nomz! 3. Steven R McQueen (Ok, he's 25 but nomz) 4. Blair Underwood!!! Such a classic. 5. Jennifer Lawrence (Because OMG, she is so awesome). The end.

  5. 1. Nathan Fillion, Castle
    2. Stephen Amell, Arrow
    3. Gabriel Macht, Suits
    4.Jensen Ackles, Supernatural
    5. Prince (yeah he is tiny, but I can't help it!)

  6. Here we go, in no particular order:
    Nathan Fillion
    Benedict Cumberbatch
    Rupert Graves (oh, that DI Lestrade)
    Ewan McGregor
    and Chiwetel Ejiofor

    sorry Craig, you're down to number 6 this year. Still adorable though.

    oh, and James McAvoy can call me up and read to me. Benedict can as well.

  7. Ah, I know I'm late... (Filipino time) hahah!

    Here's my list (and in no particular order!)

    ** Benedict Cumberbatch (yes, I remember when he appeared on my list back in 2011!)
    ** Chris Pine (yes, he's back on the list)
    ** Richard Armitage
    ** Matt Damon (something about him reminds me of hubby ;-) )
    ** Michael Fassbender

    Woot, woot!

  8. This is a really great list that you've put together. Who were the ones that were 5-10? :)