Reinventing Me.

Yes, I'm back.  And I'm talking about my hair.  Again.
Unless you're new here, you shouldn't be surprised.
Just be happy I'm not talking about my menstrual cycle.

The significance of this post this time is not just that I have a new 'do.  It's not even about the fact that it's the first post in 2014!  (OMG! YAY!)  It's that EVERYTHING 'round here is getting redone!

Life Candy is now a blog about recapturing our inner and outer Saucy Girl.  It's about personal evolution.  I'll still be talking about my family and my life and me, but with a twist.  Stick around, and you'll see what I mean.

Meanwhile, my hair.

So, it's been about a year and a half since I got a haircut.  No, I'm not kidding.

It's my stylist Jane's fault, really.  She's fantastic!  She knows how to cut my hair so that it's happy and doing what it does naturally, I'm not fighting it on a daily basis, and I still look awesome no matter the length of mane!  She's my hair whisperer.

But I realized it was time.  My hair was becoming a pain to work with.  It was heavy, and really dry at the ends no matter how much conditioner I dumped on it.  And there was so much of it that I felt like I was wearing a wig.  Of my own hair.
I made my appointment.  And of course, on the day of the appointment, it looked like this...

I know, sorry.  Bathroom selfie.  And no urinal.  Next time.
Crap.  I was seriously thinking of cancelling.  Look at those curls!

But also look at how overwhelmed by hair I am.  My mop had taken over.  It was sucking the life out of me.  I believe it's the primary cause of me forgetting how to do triple integral calculus.  I am the anti-Samson of intelligence!  Quick!  Cut it before I forget how to use a spoon!

But wait, I wanted it to be long still.  Seriously.  I worked hard to get it that long!  No, really.
So, my amazing Jane chopped most of the bulk around the sides, kept the length, blew it all out, and...


Young, perky, stylish, saucy... It's totally me, right?!  
I love it so much!  This is the new me.  Like Roomie has a whole new wife!... who he perves just as much as his old wife... which is a lot.  Seriously -- ALL PERVING, ALL THE TIME!

Anyway, it was time for a change.  Long overdue.  Same with this blog.  We're long overdue for some fun here.  So, let's do it!  Come along!  It's going to be a wild ride!  For all of us!  And my hair!


  1. Yay! New post! I've missed online-you, even though I see real-life-you weekly. Looking forward to more.
    Oh, and great hair!