It's time. Right now.

I've been in a state of blah these past few months.  It started off with the usual hibernation that starts right after Christmas.  It's supposed to lift when the snow melts, but because the scene outside my house still looks like this,...

Does this look like Spring to you people?!

... I'm still feeling sleepy, dozy, and still blah.  It's supposed to be Spring, for crying out loud!!!

I should be in my short shorts!  I should be in my flip flops!  I should NOT be still wearing my winter coat -- even though I totally rock that coat and look freakin' awesome in it!  I still should not be in it any more!

I'm sick of feeling this way!  I need some changes, some shakin' up, some ass kickin' to get me out of this brain fog!

SO... here's what I'm doing for my 2013 Renaissance...

1:  I'm doing a Bikini Bootcamp!  It's my HOT MOM PROJECT come to life!  This is another 30-day cleanse like I did last year (when I dropped 15lbs in 30-days!) except this time, we get a workout schedule, meal ideas, recipes, and grocery lists.
If you want to do it too, it's not too late to join.  Let me know if you're game, and I'll get you hooked up!...

2:  I'm dusting this blog off, and getting it going again.  I've had so many things I've wanted to share with you all over the past few months, but I've just put off sharing.  No more!  I'm going to once again inundate you with stories of my hair, my health and fitness, my dancing, the fam, and my menstrual cycle (yup, the TMI's coming back too! I KNOW!!! I can almost hear your excitement!).

3:  I've redesigned my blog a little.  I've...
- added a little Instagram photo gallery.  Be sure to follow me @_nenetteam because, you know, of the awesomeness.
- redone my About page.
- made my header this floating background thingy.
- done other things, I think.  I can't remember.  So if you find other cool new stuff, yay!... and please tell me about it.

Alrighty, this has actually made me feel like I've made my way back to the land of the living!  It's awesome and crazy!

So anyway, check the blog out, look around the place, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!


  1. First thing I noticed was the floating header. I was like, "Wha..? Waitaminute! COOOOOLLL!!!"

    Now I shall explore some more.