kicking it in 2012.

"So, last night, all 4 of us grabbed our favourite munchies and packed ourselves on the couch to watch Futurama: Bender's Game. We were all comfy cozy (Mini even fell asleep) and together as a family -- the best way to ring in the new year.

Now, it's 2009."
That was 3 years ago, but just change the 2009 to 2012 -- plus the fact that only 3 of us had our favourite munchies (thanks to my cleanse) -- and you'll have what we did last night!  Hey, if something works, why change it, right?!

And we're going to do this with our babies for as many years as we can, because, let's face it, it won't be long before Lam will be all "I'm spending New Year's with my girlfriend" and Mini will be going to big NYE gala parties with her girls in her sparkly dress and high heels.  Despite her dad's efforts to make her wear a turtle neck, jeans, and Sorels instead.

NOT sparkly high heels

So, now that I've put to bed a weird-and-somewhat-off 2011, I'm looking forward.  And, baby, I KNOW that 2012 is going to be a much better, super-awesome year.  I have BIG PLANS -- because if I don't plan, I'll get nothing done.

Okay, here's my TO-DO List...
  • Take a dance class.  Just one.  Maybe the Adult Hip-Hop or Jazz.  Or maybe the Lyrical class Karen, a fellow dance mom, suggested I join.
  • Finish painting the dining room, foyer, stairwell/hall, and back landing.  Nice crisp white, like my family room.  My house needs to stop being so beige and dreary.
  • Declutter.  As usual.  And regularly.
  • Wear makeup before leaving the house.  Minerals, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick -- done in less than 3 minutes.  So easy, and I always get a ton of compliments, so WHY IN THE WORLD have I ever hesitated?!
  • Revamp my wardrobe.  Rediscover my style.  I had one, and I loved it.  So, what happened?  Also, DON'T buy anything unless I love it and feel comfortable in it.
  • Be okay with colouring my hair.  Roomie says I'm gorgeous and should allow myself to grow old gracefully.  But the number of greys have been growing exponentially, faster than I've been comfortable with.
  • Relax. Worry less.  De-stress.  Practice hatha yoga once a week.  Bedtime by 9:30pm.  Sleep enough.  Rest when tired (this one is surprisingly difficult to do).  No laptop in bed -- just a smutty romance novel, then lights out.
  • Write more.  Develop my writing style more.  On my blog.  On other blogs.  Continue to get paid for my writing..
  • Comment on at least 8 blogs per day.  Includes replying on other blogs of those who've visited my blog.
  • Make a schedule and finish one project at a time.  And no taking on new projects until the previous/current ones are done.
  • Have dinner with my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler, dazzle him with my beauty and wit, and despite all his begging, refuse to run away with him.  I will let this go when it is done.  And not a minute before.
 How about you?  What are your resolutions for 2012?


    1. It sounds like a great list. I really want to declutter my life too.

    2. I'd love to take a dance class again! I've been hard at work with the decluttering these past couple of days. I hate to call it a resolution, but what I need to focus on for 2012 is maintaining it throughout the whole year!

    3. Those sound like terrific and very achievable goals (even the Gerard Butler one because who wouldn't be dazzled by your beauty?) Good luck with all your endeavours in 2012!

    4. I also need to organize. I made my husband pinky promise that we will actually do it this year!

    5. I loved this!

      (I NEVER leave the house without makeup. It's for the good of the people.)

      Happy New Year!


    6. Personally I think you should just let Gerard have his way with you. Playing hard to get is so 1983.
      I have to say, there are a few of your "to-do" list options that I just might do myself. I love the "comment on 8 blogs a day." That's huge! Plus it would make 8 people feel terrific. I like that. I like you.

    7. All very achievable. It's funny - I can wear my hair (my now 80% grey hair that I colour) in a ponytail every day but I won't leave the house without make up.

      About six months ago I started reading about 20 different blogs each day - I don't comment on all of them b/c I don't want to leave a comment just for the sake of commenting. It drives me crazy when someone leaves a comment just saying "good blog".

      Good luck with your resolutions - I'll see you at the salon when we get our roots touched up :)

    8. My main resolution is to enjoy it as much as possible, even though it is going to be a really busy, major year for us - finishing my degree, son going to Uni, daughter going to college...

    9. ahhhh, so many to-dos! wish i can come up w/ my own list soon... work had been so busy when january came. happy new year to you!

    10. Nice blog! I love your 2012 to do list... I especially need to work on the finishing one project at a time one. This year it's all about prioritizing!