vendredi gras: the night before my cleanse.

Tonight, I celebrated what I call the Grand Finale of a week long "Big Binge".  I went to Yujiro Sushi Restaurant with two of my gorgeous besties, and had a Deluxe Special Bento.  It was a lovely relaxed evening of baby talk -- my cousin Glo on the right is expecting -- and lots of good food.  Here we are in front of the destruction...

For this past week, I've been diving head-first into Holiday Celebrations, feasting like a starved woman at a banquet.  Ham, turkey, chocolates, chips, cupcakes... you name it -- as long as "it" contains sugar and/or fat -- I've eaten it.  See?  Like these things...


I'm sure I've already gained 10 pounds.  It's been seriously disgusting.

Why have I completely let myself go like this?  Aren't I afraid my already high cholesterol and sleep apnea will finally kill me in my sleep?  Don't I care about my health? 

Yes, darlings, of course I still care, but there is a reason for my madness.  I enjoyed myself in a big ridiculous way this Christmas because, tomorrow, I'm starting a cleanse -- the Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse

Why I'm Cleansing

I get a lot of compliments from my awesome friends along the lines of "Nenette, you're crazy!  You don't need to lose any weight!"  Clearly, they have never seen me naked.  I camouflage well, baby!

But really, my doctor told me I needed to do a cleanse to help get various nonsense out of my body.

I'd been complaining to her of:
- difficulty sleeping.
- foggy brain.
- trouble concentrating.
- weird and disruptive moods.
- inability to relax and stay calm.
- concerns about heart health negatively influenced by family history.
- intense monthly discomfort with heavy bleeding that a previous doctor performed surgery on me... which ultimately did no good, because the root problem had not been addressed.
- difficult maintaining a healthy weight, bodyfat, and size.

A cleanse might help, she said.  Okay.

Why I Chose Isagenix.

1: It gets the thumbs up from fitness professionals.Back in September, Roomie's cousin, Ainsley McSorley, an award winning fitness competitor and model, shared her Isagenix experience.  As a fitness professional, she's very careful about the things she puts into her body.  She was using Isagenix to prepare for a photo shoot. She loved it -- and she looked great!

2:  It works for "normal" non-fitness-pro people.
My girlfriend Sly loved the energy she had through her 30 days, and in the end, lost 20lbs.  And my cousin Glo and her husband got great results as well. 

3:  It is a nutritional cleanse.
So, I did a ton of research.  (I'm a skeptic by nature.)  And everything I've read has shown me that Isagenix is different.  As it draws out the crap, it brings in -- through its shakes, snacks, and supplements -- the good stuff in the form of highly-absorbable vitamins and minerals.

4:  It does most of the work for you.
Other cleanses tell you to eat well while taking their herbs.  Well, I don't know how to eat well -- that's how I got into this mess in the first place.
On the other hand, Isagenix takes care of everything you eat for the month, with the exception of 5 meals per week, so you can focus on cleansing.  Glo told us that, by the end of it, you would've kicked your cravings, making healthy eating so much easier.

I have to admit that I'm really excited to start!!!  I pre-cleanse tomorrow, a slow introduction that prepares the body for the actual cleanse which, for me, starts on Monday.  I'll be documenting my experience starting then.  I will try to do a video everyday.

Can I do it?  Will I last all 30 days?  Or will I freak out and scream at Roomie at 3am to go to 7-11 and buy me a bag of Doritos?  Let's see!  This should be fun.

Wish me luck!

* - Disclaimer: These are my reasons, no one else's.   I'm not an expert on anyone else's body -- just my own.

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  1. I'll be following you. I have to admit I'm a little bit a skeptic, but I'm easily converted when I hear someone say they've done the research. Plus if this is something that is recommended by your physician, it's important. Looking forward to your progress, you can do this!