stuff I've recently learned.

  • After years of shamelessly begging encouraging all and sundry to read my blog, I'm still weirded out when I find out that RL friends actually do.  The other day, a school-mom girlfriend said, "Hey, I read your blog."  And my reaction?  "Uh-oh", followed by nervous laughter.  Yup, total facepalm moment right there.  I really should've said "That's awesome! I hope you enjoyed it."  But, nope, I had to be a spaz.
    It's not like I've got major secrets I divulge here.  I'm pretty much what you see is what you get both online and off.  Okay, granted, here you get to see my messy house, find out about my various neuroses, read about my ridiculous hair experiments, discover how weird (and wonderful!) my kids really are, learn the intricacies of my menstrual cycle--  Oh, there we go.  That's it, isn't it?
    But you know, I doubt I'll ever stop TMI'ing my face off anytime soon, so I really should get over it.  And when you tell me you read my blog, I really am grateful and very flattered.

  • Sometimes all I have to do is ask. The whole Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs from Circle of Moms proved that to me. I just asked if you would vote for me, and you did!  I had to have faith in the fact that you love me as much as I love you all, that I would do it for you if our roles were reversed... and that you will continue to vote for me until voting closes on the 17th.  Please.

  • I'm too in love with the Starbucks Caramel Brulee Latte. I blame the yummy burnt sugar sprinkles on top.  They're killer.   I ask for extra.  I am crazy.  I am also 5 pounds heavier.

  • Like me, my city is a Scorpio.  Today is 'Peg City's birthday, incorporated in 1873.  Just thought it was an interesting fact to share.

  • Just when I think "This is too effing much! I can't do it!!!", I power through and manage to pull something awesome out of my ass. I sent Roomie off on Guys' Weekend with Mr.LRM, Max, and he-who-belongs-to-Sio the weekend before Halloween, only to realize that I had to take Lam to hip-hop class, Mini to ballet class, then they both had swim classes at different times. Then I had to shop for more Halloween costume materials, and then I had to actually assemble the costumes and spray paint one of them.  Wait, Mini had to wear hear costume TO dance class that day!  Had to finish her costume first.  Oh, and do her hair and wig.  Grrr.  Oh, somewhere around there, I had to feed them -- more than once! Oh, CRAP!!!
    Yet I still managed to turn all of this into Bender & Leela.  Plus, I have even more respect for single parents.

    not the near-empty bowl of chips... that did not go into the costume

    1. I react like that too when I find out real people read my blog! ;)

    2. I only have one actual friend who knows about my blog. I hate that she reads it, blah!

    3. Now you have me wanting to try one of those Creme Brule coffee drinks! Thanks:)

      As for RL people reading our blogs, I agree it catches me off guard too. I start to think back to what I wrote last and if I said too much.

      TMI is a wonderful thing, ain't it?