consequences of being powerfree.

Did you know that it's Day 11 of my life without a laptop?  Oh yes, totally true.  Can you imagine me without my laptop?  I look sad... and bored... like this dude...

The laptop itself is fine, but the power adapter is fried, and apparently, it's easier to get chlamydia from a muskrat than it is to get a replacement power adapter.  (No, I do not have chlamydia, nor do I have a muskrat, much less one with chlamydia.)  And so I wait until Roomie works his hot-nerd magic to repair my old one.  Yay, Roomie!

Fortunately, the aforementioned magical Roomie has this awesome animal called "work laptop" that he graciously allows me to use to write my blog posts at night.  Like I am right now.  You know, as long as I'm not looking at pron and stuff. Ahem.

But it's when Roomie takes this animal to work that I really feel the loss.  I always have so much to do online during the day!

Take today for instance.  If I'd had power, I would've...
  • told you about my guest post today over at my lovely friend Toni's Wifely Steps blog where I write about my own Wifely Steps.  Please hit that link to Toni's, check my post and her whole blog, and leave a comment or two (or three).

  • thanked you all profusely for all the votes you've been giving me for the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs for Circle of Moms.  It means so much. 'Thank you' really doesn't capture my gratitude. The 17th is coming up fast, so you won't have me pestering you for votes much longer. :) #iloveyou

  • shared this SUPER AWESOME stop motion animation made entirely by Mini! All Roomie did was put all the individual shots together, add the credits, and upload it. Not too shabby for a 7-year-old, eh?! (view it here on youtube)

    So, awesome, right?

    1. um, yeah.... Totally fantastic vid by mini!

    2. i found your blog thru Wifely Steps and it was love at first sight. Just finished adding you in my blogroll! Hope we can stalk each other. hehe :)

      I'm here:

    3. Wonderful animation! Watch out Gromit!

    4. Yikes! I hope you can find a replacement cable!

    5. That's excellent work! Is Roomie like my dh though and other people's computers are first in line? something about being paid to fix them?

    6. Great stop motion!!! Im so impressed!! You gotta add some funky tunes to it! :)


    7. I'd be lost without my laptop.

    8. @Carlene: Thanks, Carlene! Yeah, I thought it was missing something! Maybe Mini can talk her dad into re-editing. :)

    9. @kyooty: No, Roomie doesn't fix computers for a living so he's my own private sys admin! :)

    10. Thanks, everyone! I'm so proud of my little Mini. She has a focus I never had when I was her age. :)