birthday morning.

As a special birthday treat, we all went to The Forks Market for Mini's ballet class together as a family. I wanted everyone with me EVERYWHERE I WENT. Yes, I temporarily go nuts one day a year; it's my birthday -- I'm allowed.

We chilled out, relaxed, and enjoyed just being together. And along the way, I saw some of my favourite dance people.

So who did I see on Birthday Morning on Saturday?  (While I type this, "Who are the people in your neighbourhood?" is going through my head.)

When we first got there, I got one of these.  A Vietnamese Coffee.  Okay, it's not really people, but it made me happy.  I would've taken the picture while the coffee was still dripping into the condensed milk, but I wasn't fully awake enough until AFTER I'd had the drink.

Isn't my little Lam adorable?  Yes, he is.  Here, he is surprisingly calm considering that he'd just had a pepsi/rootbeer drink that was as big as his head.  "Thanks, Dad -- why didn't you buy the big one?"

Oh, my darling Roomie, with his Movember Mo. Yes, he's doing it again this year!  Here, he's writing his feelings in his book -- his feelings about math and free will vs. determinism.

Then I went up to pick up Mini from class. Here is Ms. TK McHotster, the office manager, and my old buddy from high school. Love this girl -- she's as crazy as me.

One of these lovely dancers is one of Ms. TKMcH's daughters. The other lovely dancer is her partner in crime. They're always giggling like they're up to something. Awesome, ain't it?!

Mini's bff is also in her ballet class! So, of course, I get to see her mom, Tonya Kung-Fu Grip* (who is one of my school-mom girlfriends), every Saturday. Here, I got an extra special birthday treat because not only did I see Tonya, but I also got to see another of my school-mom girlfriends, Jenna Slickbooty*, who is Tonya's sis-in-law. Yay!

After dance class, Mini has a crepe. Smothered in Nutella. In order for her to not be covered in Nutella as well, I cover her with my sarong/scarf. Yes, she's a spilly pants like her mom, but oh, she's ever so cute!

That was my birthday morning.  I was going to continue to take pics the rest of the day, but I forgot.  It was my birthday!  I was too excited!

And yes, my friends, it was awesome.  Happy Birthday to me!  xo

* Names have been changed to protect the guilty. Yes, guilty.


  1. I love this post! LOVE it! For many, many reasons, that cannot be explained on an international blog ;)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NENETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here's to more gorgeousness ahead! <3

  3. On Nenette I love the names you gave us. Ba ha ha ha ha....!

  4. It looks like you had a great birthday! crepes and coffee, what more can a girl ask for!