rebuilding the temple: so, Nenette, did you minimize yo' butt?

And... it's done.

Yes, dear readers, I actually did it.  As of August 31, I completed the 6-week Minimize Yo' Butt Challenge.  For a month and a half, I focused on getting all hot and healthy by eating primarily Paleo/Primal and moving my bum more.

Were you all wondering if I'd actually gone through with it?  It's okay.  I'd wonder too if I were you.  I did, after all, drop the "Me With" Photo Project as if it was all covered in peanut butter and red ants.  Yes, I hate peanut butter.  Probably more than I hate red ants.

And I haven't given an update since, well, the beginning.

But now it's done, and I'll now quickly share with you my results, conclusions, and things I've learned.

1: I lost 6 pounds.  

2: I didn't exercise, because I really hate exercising with others around to (in the case of the kids) interrupt me and (in the case of Roomie) stare at me. 

3: I ate paleo about 80% of the time, and it was easy when I focused on the stuff I was able to eat versus the things I wasn't allowed to eat.

4: I ate treat foods (like soft ice cream, chips, and burgers) 20% of the time and made it a point to enjoy them and not feel so guilty.  This put the focus, instead, on how physically crappy I felt the day after.

5: I aimed to eat 3 times a day: breakfast at around 7:00am, lunch at about 1:00pm, and dinner at 6:00pm-ish, which I managed to do about 70% of the time,...

6: ... because snacking will make me overeat, so I didn't do it.  Especially after dinner.  

7: And yet I was rarely ever hungry, because I stuck to mostly proteins.

8: Plus, I wasn't thinking about food, and my next meal, all the time.

9: After about 2 days of no grains, I stopped craving carbs.

10: The idea of eating carbs kinda makes me ill now.  It feels wrong and unnatural to do it.

11: My belly is becoming more mushy as the fat melts away.  Ew.  Okay, I know this is a good thing, but OMG, it's very disturbing.  Particularly when I run or jump up and down. 

12: Because my belly is less fat-dense, my jeans fit more easily.

13: ... and when I suck in, my belly actually does look a little flatter.

14:  I made a bigger effort in simplifying my life (more on this in another post), and focused on my family and fixing up our home instead of work.

15: ... and many of my anxiety issues have greatly diminished.

16: My skin cleared up, but that could also be because I'm actually caring for my skin these days.

17: Because I didn't fully commit to regular updates (at least I don't think I did... did I?), I wasn't constantly stressing about staying on a program.  It became a lifestyle.

So, all in all, I didn't sweat it, enjoyed it, and lost weight.  Yay me!

I think I've found my new permanent way of eating for life.  Again, yay me!

Stay tuned for the next Rebuilding the Temple complete with food thoughts, weight loss updates, and pics of the things I eat.  No, this will not turn into a food blog... you will still get updates on things like my kids, my hair... and women problems and stuff.

I know, you can barely contain your excitement!  :)

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