them on the first day of grade 2 & grade 4.

Look at my two gorgeous offspring!  This is the picture of them on their walk to school this morning.

Over the past week, we got ready for this day.  New clothes, new bags, new haircuts -- my son's like Sam Flynn here, my daughter's like Selena Gomez here.  Lam's all hairgel-ed up.  My little girl is even wearing press-on nails.  I know, right?!  And if that isn't awesome enough, they're *HELLO KITTY* press-on nails!  Crazy.

It's a far cry from the little ones from last year.  They're growing so quickly, changing interests, favourites, habits, and hobbies.  It's no longer Treehouse TV but YTV and Teletoon.  Max and Ruby have been replaced by iCarly and Redakai.

What will it be tomorrow?  I don't know for sure.  All I know is that I have today, and today, they're still my babies.  My hairgel- and press-on-nails-wearing babies.

So, here are my Mini and Lam, TODAY, snapshots at Grade 2 and Grade 4...

1 - What is your favourite colour?

mini: pink
lam: dark blue

2 - Who is your best friend(s)?

mini: Sydney & Chloe
lam: "I have more than one."

3 - What is your favourite treat food?

mini: lollipop
lam: Lay's Smokey Bacon chips

4 - What is your favourite good food?

mini: pizza
lam: salt-n-pepper wings

5 - What's your favourite treat drink?

mini: ginger ale
lam: coke

6 - What's your favourite good drink?

mini: grape juice
lam: iced tea

7 - What's your favourite dessert?

mini: strawberry cake
lam: root beer float

8 - What is your favourite game?

mini: Scribblenauts
lam: Pokemon Black Version

9 - What is your favourite website?


10 - What is your favourite tv show?

mini: Phineas & Ferb
lam: Doctor Who

11 - What's your favourite movie?
mini: Sleeping Beauty/Harry Potter
lam: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows - Part II

12 - What is the name of your favourite book?

mini: "Kittens" by Nicola Tuxworth
lam: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Pokedex

13 - What's your favourite thing to do by yourself?

mini: play littlest pet shop/make crafts
lam: play video games

14 - What's your favourite thing to do with family?

mini: play with toys
lam: go to the mall

Have a great first day, my babies.  Mama and Daddy love you so much.


  1. My daughter was FURIOUS that I wouldn't let her wear her back to school WINTER BOOTS to school today. Um still like summer here sweetie...sorry

  2. Wow, yes, things do move along quickly. All the best to you not-so-little ones.

  3. I love the looks on their faces! You can totally see the *coolness* factor in them and that look, like ... C'mon Mom, are you done yet?

    Hello Kitty press on nails. Too cute!

  4. Love the photo and the "facts!" That's such a fantastic idea!

  5. SUCH a great idea!
    They're gorgeous. Hope their school year is off to a great start.

  6. Nice post! Nice pic!

  7. Ah, I remember when my boys played Pokemon (cards and on DS) and had various Pokedex. Jigglypuff Rules!