Where I'm From.

It's late, but I finally did it!  I found this meme forever ago at Loukia's, but it originates here.   Hope you enjoy another peek into the mind of Nenette.  May it not scare you too much.

I am from sandos and tsinelas, from banana seat bikes, from watching the Electric Company, The Flinstones, and Sonny & Cher, and warm buttered pandesal and ensaymada with a generous sprinkling of sugar.

I am from The Village People, Donna Summer, and Donny & Marie.   I am from Duran Duran, Madonna, and U2 back when they were considered "alternative".  I am from "Do They Know It's Christmas?", "Tears Are Not Enough", and "We Are The World".

I am from watching Friday Night Videos, Tales from the Dark Side, and SCTV.  All in a row.

I am from Merlin, Pop-o-Matic Trouble, and Simon.

I am from the 2-story house on Sampaloc with a chicken coop outside under the front stairs, street vendors selling cashews, warm island tropics I will never forget.  I am from the 2-story grey house on Arlington Street with the wood-panelled basement, bedroom walls covered with pictures of boys with turned up collars from BOP and Tiger Beat.

I am from the sampaghita in front of my grandmother's house in Pandan and the lilac bushes on my way to school.

I am from saying Grace before meals, and thick wavy black hair, from Pilar and Illuminada and Josefina, and cousins nicknamed -- believe it or not -- Bong-Bong, Weng-Weng, Jhun-Jhun, and Jhet-Jhet.

I am from the quick tempers, the genuine desire to help our friends, and the green thumbs that make things grow.

From "You are our first grandchild so you're extra special" and "You are the example to your younger cousins" and "You need to wear lipstick -- you look dead."

I am from praying the rosary every Sunday and playing the organ in church choir, from 12 grapes eaten at the stroke of midnight on New Years, from Noche Buena on Christmas Morning just before going back to church.  Again.

I am from statues of the Virgin Mary and painted portraits of Jesus all over the house that would freak me out because it was like he was watching EVERYTHING I DID.

I'm from Manila, The Philippines, milagrosa rice and chicken adobo, and pancit that my grandmother would cook not only for special occasions but because she loved me and knew it was my favourite.
{image: Tangled Noodle)
From the family with the 12 girls and boys, the grandfather who would hide his cigarettes behind the bookshelf, and the other grandfather whose 2nd wife was younger than his eldest grandchild.

I am from a large case in my parents' basement filled with 8mm films, black and white photos from the 60s, and artwork and carvings from The Philippines to help me remember where I'm from wherever I decide to go.

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  1. That is great! So much in such a short post!

    Wonder if I could do a good one?

  2. @Rock Chef: Do it! I'd love to read yours!

  3. I absolutely LOVE IT!!

  4. I love this!! I remember a lot of those things from my childhood, too. Simon, Tiger Beat, and banana seat bikes :)
    Very nice to "meet" you.

  5. awesome post! I had forgotten about the teen mags!!! Thanks for jogging my own memories.

  6. Simon! And Electric Company! So cool. Loved reading this!

  7. I will see what I can come up with - just for you! :-)

  8. Oh I have a Where I am From poem...not on my blog. Maybe I should post it....love how much it reveals about you. You brought back some images from me!

  9. I love the where I'm from meme. I, too, am from "praying the rosary every Sunday..."

  10. I absolutely LOVE this. The inspiration is so obvious... and while parts of it COULD sound so like many of us, it's so uniquely YOU. This was so well-written and the visual imagery was so fabulous.

    Stopping by from Bruna's!

  11. I found this via Let's Bee Friends, which makes this my intro. And a captivating intro it is! Beautiful.

  12. Hi! Found you via Let's Bee Friends! I can relate to where you're from...buttered pandesal and ensaymada! Nice to meet you :)

  13. I love this Nenette! It's great to learn more about the traditions and culture that helped shape you into what you are today. :)

  14. I love this post. What a fun idea! Sounds like we are from the same era!