Summer Resolutions: Like New Year's Except Without Parkas.

It's the first official week of summer holidays.  Woohoo!

Behind us are the last day of school, Friday's Canada Day holiday, and my son's 9th birthday and my daughter's 7th birthday complete with dinners and presents -- and a couple of hours petting (and narrowly avoiding adopting several varieties of) animals at Petland.
And ahead of us are 2 months of sleeping in... staying up late... hanging at the zoo... day camp... being mallrats... splashing around at the beach... and doing what we damn well feel like, whenever we damn well feel like.  Dammit.

Okay, here are just a few things I damn well want to feel like doing...

Kickstart my healthy eating once and for all. Starting this week, I'll be doing a 30 Day Primal Challenge cum moderate CRON.

Watch every episode of the new season of Torchwood.  Because it's the only thing keeping me from screaming naked through the neighbourhood like the Incredible Hulk (I may even paint myself green) due to Doctor Who withdrawal.

Drink Sangria on a patio with Roomie and friends. I haven't done this in years!

Finish reading Andrew Davidson's Gargoyle, then pass it on to a friend.  I scored a copy of this book from my friend Alex.  She and her husband are both friends of the author who recently launched 500 Gargoyles, a FB page that tracks the movement of 500 copies of the book from reader to reader across the globe.

Watch as many summer movies as I can.  Alone and with my family.  Without popcorn or cotton candy.

Get professional pedicures with Mini.

Paint the diningroom.  Pretty white.

Have a garage sale.

Rearrange the master bedroom furniture.  The conversation went like this...
Me: "Honey, why have we never put the bed against this wall?"
Roomie: "You know, I don't know."
Me: "Maybe we should."
Roomie: "Okay."

Wear more dresses.  Like this new favourite of mine from Old Navy.  My bff has been dragging me out shopping lately, much to Roomie's joy -- he wants to see me in sundresses this summer.

Go to our regular family summer haunts. Lower Fort Garry, Tinkertown, Skinners at Lockport, etc.

What are your plans for the summer?


  1. That is a cute dress!

    My summer involves:

    Camping trip!

    Helping to make sure a conference at my Uni goes off OK.

    Nailing as much of my dissertation as possible.

    Relaxing and playing the new guitar I am getting next week.

  2. Hi here by way of Studio30+ and I love ur list, I am so happy you have 2 months to just relax now. I am working with my kiddie in daycare (they are 3) but we're having a decent time. Harry Potter opens next it will a day at the movies for me and hubs. We are taking a mini vaca for Labor Day.

    Love that dress!!!! Enjoy wearing it this summer !!!

  3. I would love to start eating healthy but my lounge chair, margaritas and BBQ'ed meat are a calling ;)

  4. Sangria rocks!

    Happy blogoversary :)

  5. Anonymous10 July, 2011

    Torchwood: UK version or US version?


  6. It sounds like you have a fabulous summer planned Nenette! I love your plan to have sangrias on a patio with your hubby and friends. We used to do that all the time before baby #2 came along.

    Our summer is halfway over here in central Ohio and the only thing I've accomplished from your list is a garage sale. I know, I know, settle down Jenny. Sometimes I'm so much fun I can hardly stand myself. ;-)

    Oh, and we do have a vacation to Hilton Head Island in North Carolina planned for next month.