Getting Into Trouble? Maybe.

I've been...
  • loving poached free-run eggs and organic strawberries for breakfast. 
  • working -- to be honest, much more than I should be to maintain optimal health.
  • going to sleep with my laptop instead of my usual smutty romance novel.
  • shopping madly all over town for pieces for my soon-to-be spa bathroom.
  • indulging in bacon.
  • planning a birthday party for a 9yo boy who loves to race.
  • planning a birthday party for a 7yo girl who loves to bounce.
  • slathering on the coconut oil.
  • weeding and beautifying my kids' beloved school.
  • calling other parents to help keep our kids' school looking gorgeously green all summer long. 
  • cruising to family summer destinations in our TARDIS.
  • taking my son to his daily speech therapy sessions with his very pretty therapist.
  • singing out loud to awesome songs on the car radio.
  • journeying through the world of Harry Potter from start to finish.
  • loving the lush green foliage and vibrant blooms in my garden.
  • watching the mouldy disaster which was my bathroom vanish.  Yippee!
  • crushing on superhot superheroes.
  • still struggling with extremes of hormone-induced emotions.
  • savouring way too many Timmie's iced capps.
  • anticipating beautiful white diningroom walls.
  • not tweeting enough.
  • kickstarting a new healthy primal/paleo lifeplan.
  • spending crazy girl time with the bff.
  • staying cool in 36C/48C with the humidex.
  • dreaming of strawberry picking with my beautiful little girl.
  • planning on blogging more.  Really.  I promise.
I did this once before in 2009 if you want to have a look.

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  1. You've been busy!

    I love the different creative formats you use in your posts Nenette. I just never know what I'm going to get when I click over to Life Candy! ;-)

  2. @Jenny: Thanks, Jenny! I'm glad you're enjoying the variety here. I like to try and keep it fresh.

    I'm glad I've been able to cross a few of those items off the To-Do list. Maybe I'll actually have the chance to relax and enjoy the summer before the kids go back to school! LOL :)

  3. Wow! You've been one busy girl. I love it but then again, I love lists too. ON another note, have you worn your fancy flip-flops? The ones your Mom brought you back from her trip?

  4. That's more than I get done in a week-no-two weeks!

  5. @Bruna (Bees With Honey): No, I haven't had the guts to do it! I think they're a little too garish on me... but keep in mind that I also think big hoop earrings look garish on me! I'm such a simple girl. LOL!

  6. @Vinny C: I've been on that stuff since late-June! And I'm still doing a lot of it. It's exhausting! :)

  7. My son and daughter in law are doing the paleo diet...with great success, how about you?

  8. @Terry: Glad to hear your son and daughter-in-law are doing well on paleo. I've not been as consistent as I'd like to be with it, which is sad because I feel really good when I do it. I'm hoping that this kickstart 60-day challenge will help me stick to it for good.

  9. Wow, that is one long list! I wonder how you managed with all of them, this would have taken me weeks! :D

  10. @Nella: Oh, it's not over yet sadly. And it's not been great. My next blog post will be about the consequences of such a crazy schedule.
    It's madness! :)