Car Conversations: Gimli Tornadoes & Ice Cream.

Over the weekend, we drove to Winnipeg Beach for a family gathering, and on the way home, we drove to Gimli, where my husband had his bachelor party.

This visit was more sober and less viking-y than the one 11 years + 1 week ago, but it was fun nonetheless.

Hubby & the kids had ice cream.  Roomie had blue licorice, Mini had rainbow, and Lam had bubble gum.  Unfortunately, our boy didn't like the gum pieces embedded in the ice cream so he stood over the garbage spitting them out as he came across them.  Enjoying ice cream with the fragrance of rotting banana and cans of fish wafting about him.  Weirdo.

The water was beautiful, and the weather cooperated.  The sun even peaked out once in a while through the ever-looming dark clouds.

In the car, on the way out of Gimli...

Mini: "Daddy? Wouldn't it be scary if there was a tornado?"

Roomie: "Yes, so we'd go into the ditch for safety, but we probably don't have to worry about it today."

Me: "By the way, hon, there was a tornado warning today."

Roomie: "There was?!"

Me: "Yup."

Roomie: "Where?!"

Me: "For the Gimli region."

Roomie: "So no one bothered to tell me that there was tornado warning in Gimli, when I suggested I drive us to Gimli?!"

Me: "Nope."

Evidently, we love to live dangerously.


  1. There is a place called Gimli????

    I must go there if I can pull off my trip in 2013!

  2. I hold to the belief that freaking kids out your is just one of life's guilty pleasures you shouldn't pass up.

  3. Non-locals might be amused to know that Gimli is not only not "on the way home" from Winnipeg Beach, it is actually 10 miles in the opposite direction from home.

    A detour trip to Gimli is warranted under any circumstances, though.

    But you were so close to Narcisse, is it too late in the season to visit the snake pits?

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful time Nenette! I'm sure you're thankful that you didn't have to eat your ice cream in a ditch. ;)

  5. You guys are so funny!!

  6. Looks like you had a nice time even if a Tornado warning was set for Gimli. Never heard of that place before!!!!

  7. I always would spit the gum pieces out of bubblegum ice cream too. I like that kid!

  8. That's hilarious. That tornado comment is SO something my son would say. I can hear the tone now. How cute.