Car Conversations: The 11th Wedding Anniversary Edition.

In honour of our 11th wedding anniversary, I once again drag out this super swank picture of Roomie and me on our wedding day, you know, the picture that captures our love for each other... and Roomie's scruffiness. And you know how much I loves me mah scruff!

This year's anniversary was extra special to us, not because tools, golf equipment, and decorative brooches turn us on, but because Roomie's on vacation and we arranged for both kids to have lunch at school.  Yes, darlings, we had the WHOLE. DAY. TO. OURSELVES. 

With all the monkey-lovin' (bet you forgot that this is a TMI blog, didn't ya?), the giggling (sometimes during the monkey-lovin'), and the napping (after all the monkey-lovin'), we'd worked ourselves up for a lovely and delicious lunch at Cafe Carlo, where Roomie also had a cocktail, I had Creme Brulee for dessert, and we talked about our awesome kids despite efforts to talk only about ourselves and giggle about the aforementioned monkey-lovin'... ahem. 

After our late lunch, as I drove us to the kids' school -- because my hot date got all plastered on his one girlie drink -- in our swank minivan, we passed a beauty shop...

Roomie: "Waxing.  I guess that means bikini waxing, right?"

Me: "And leg waxing, underarm waxing, upper lip, eyebrow, etc."

Roomie:  "Do women get their asses waxed?"

Me: "I don't think so."

Roomie: "Do you think a lot of men get their asses waxed?"

Me: "How should I know?  I'd have to sleep with them to find out--"

Roomie: "What does sleeping with someone have to do with it?  It's like saying, 'Why does she wear her hair that way? Hmm, I should sleep with her to understand--'"

Me: "How else would I know?  Do you think random men come up to me and say 'Hi, I wax my ass'?!"

Roomie: "It would be like word of mouth advertising.  Maybe you'd tell your friends..."

Yup, he's drunky.

I love you, Roomie... Happy Anniversary, my love.  :)


  1. The sad thing is he asked me the same damn thing about guys getting their asses waxed when we were riding the #60 bus north on Pembina about 20 years ago... of course this was in the days before Google when you couldn't find an answer to any weird question that pops into your drunken head...

    Go ahead, Google it and then you'll have the answer next time!

  2. Happy anniversary!

    It sounds like you had a such a great day together! I can't even imagine an entire day without kids. How awesome.

    You and Roomie should totally celebrate by getting his ass waxed. :)