Happy 41st Birthday, Roomie!

02 November 2008

To the man who loves us...

Yeah, that's you, Roomie...

You are:

  • tall, dark, and handsome
  • funny
  • awesome dad
  • funny
  • loving husband
  • funny
  • captivating educator
  • funny
  • clever, quick-witted, and nerdy
  • funny
  • reacher of things high-up
  • funny
  • lifter of heaving things
  • funny
  • dedicated runner
  • funny
  • stylish in a skirt
  • funny
  • natural video gamer
  • funny
  • builder of fabulous playhouse
  • funny
  • maker of tasty veggie pizzas
  • funny
  • grower of lush vegetable garden
  • funny
  • prolific Slurpee consumer
  • funny
  • brilliant math brain
  • funny
  • organizer of things in car hole
  • funny
  • devoted couch-snoozer
  • ... and so much more...
Did I mention that you are also funny?!

Happy 41st Birthday, dear... We love you!!! xoxoxo Wifey, Lam, and Mini

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SnowBear said...

He's not the only funny one! I nearly snorted iced tea out my nose when I read "car hole" . . . *lmao*

Tell Roomie the Internets says Happy Birthday too. :-D

Albert Bannatyne said...

Lifter of heaving things? If I see someone heaving I'd tend to just leave her be until she's done, and then help her home... or pour her another glass of root beer schnapps if that's what she wants. :-)

Nenette AM said...

Roomie thanks the Internets :)
Alas, "car hole" belongs to Roomie, not me. See? He is funny!

crap. that's supposed to say "heavy". LOL!

Jami said...

Happy birthday to Roomie from Bionic Beauty and Bionic Hubby!!!!

harmzie said...

Best. Photo. Ever.

But I think I said that last time you posted it!

I'm jealous: I wish I had a cool one like that of Mr H. Although I've got a pretty cool one of him standing *atop* a road sign. It's from a road trip he & CCR took many a moon ago (one that I ask *no* questions about). That reminds me, I should find it & scan it. It still belongs in the paper age.

Happy (belated) Birthday!

Nenette AM said...

Roomie sends his thanks to the Bionic Couple for the Birthday Greetings! :)

Yes, you did say that... and I totally concur!
I don't think I will ever find a more awesome pic of Roomie for posting purposes.

Pls. do scan the pic of Mr H... all wives should have at least one truly *cool* photo of their spouse in digital form to share with the world. :)

I will pass on your birthday greeting!

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