One for the Road, Mr. Duck...

Today, Mini and I went to the Duck Pond at our favourite park to feed the ducks.
It's one of our favourite Mini-and-Mommy activities we've been doing since the start of school. After walking Lam to school in the morning, we'd grab our bags of leftover bread and hop in the car and head over to Assiniboine Park. Usually, we'd also venture over to the park's English Garden and then make our way to the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden where Roomie and I got married. Today, we just stuck to the ducks.

See? Here's Mini feeding them one of the 8 mini bagels we brought with us.

With the weather so freakishly beautiful and warm (18C), I figured we had to do this today. Environment Canada promises snow and -2C by Friday, so this would most likely be the last time we'll be feeding the ducks before winter hits.
Besides, we had a ton of old mini bagels and stale flax bread. The ducks would appreciate them even if Roomie and Lam didn't.

Here's Mini commanding her duck subjects bow to her benevolent dictatorship:

And finally, here's Mini rockin' the Elton John/Hello Kitty shades when I told her to strike a pose:


  1. So is that "strike a post" as in lash out at one of those fence posts behind her, or did you mean "strike a pose"?

    Sorry. I am weak, and I had to get to it before Albert did :-P

    Seriously: adorable day - and a beautiful one for it too!

  2. @harmzie:
    crap again. would you believe I actually did proofread that?! twice! and it looked fine to me both times? :)

  3. D'you know, I JUST realized we share a city? How fun! I was starting to think I was the only one out here.

  4. wow, ur li'l girl got charisma...:)

  5. @wyliekat:
    Awesome!!! Your about page on your blog alluded to you being in Canada in a windy city, so I thought that you may be where I am, but I couldn't be sure. Send me an email sometime -- perhaps we can meet up. :)

    Thanks!... she gets it from me... of course. ;)