4th Annual Life Candy Freebie 5: Who's on *your* list?

It's time!  It's time!  OMG, I'm so excited!  Aren't you?

Yes, my lovely boys and girls, it's that time of year again!  Today, I make my list and check it twice so you can find out all the naughty and nice boys on my Freebie 5 or Top 5 Crushes List.

I'm sure I don't have to explain what I mean by The List, right?

I do this every year as my tastes change. This should tell you how awesome Roomie must be because fickle me hasn't replaced him. Yet.

Anyway, you can check out the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd annual lists too.  You'll notice in those comments that it can turn into quite the free-for-all, so hit the comments button and share yours.

It's all in fun, so don't worry that I'll be knocking on your door one day demanding that you fulfill your promise to "do naughty things" to Johnny Depp or Jessica Alba or whoever.

Okay, here's my list for 2011...

1:  Gerard Butler.
Ah, yes, my pretend boyfriend.  My list will never be complete without him somewhere on it.  Usually on top, of course.  hehehe.  Ahem.  Anyway, he's no scientist-guy, but he's tall, funny, scruffy, and hot.  A fling with him would be a laugh-a-minute, and Roomie will confirm that, if you make me laugh, you totally have me.

2:  Steve Bacic.
He's the lone and first ever Canadian of the bunch.  He's into health and fitness, and, goodness, does it ever show.  Have you seen any of his interviews?  He's funny and cute, much like pretend boyfriend #1.  I prefer him with the beard.  I apparently like my boys hairy and funny.  Geepers, that doesn't look attractive on paper.  Neither does "geepers".

3:  Bill Campbell.
The picture is old, but he's aged well.  OMG, so well.  At first glance, he looks so dreamy and moody, then he smiles that playful smile and, holy jeebus, you're hooked.  Not much else to say except yum.

4:  Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
Obviously, my list isn't complete without a hot younger-than-me thing to demonstrate my cougarific cougarocity.  He's so hot.  And I haven't even watched The Tudors yet, which Harmzie has mildly encouraged me to do -- if "NO, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!!!" could be considered mild.  I suspect that when I see him in this show, I'll kersplode.  Blam!

5:  Clive Owen.
Do I have to explain?  Really?

Update (5pmCT)...

Bonus: Chris Hemsworth:
As my girlfriend Eunice said, "I can't watch the preview for Thor without thinking thoughts that start with 'Mmmmmm......'"  Well-said, my dear, well-said.

Okay, boys and girls, your turn.  Show us your top 5, 10, 100, whatever.


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  1. Oh my Bill Campbell is yum.

    AND YES WATCH THE TUDORS. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is such a hottie!!!!!!! Sexiness. Rowr.

    My list would include celebrity chef Curtis Stone, actor Scott Speedman... I can't think of 3 more. I'll get back to ya. :D

  2. Nah, none of those do anything for me!

  3. @Toni: Oh, yes, Scott Speedman! Tres yum. :)

    @Rock Chef: I didn't think my list would rock your boat. lol Care to share a list of ladies who would? I'm going to get Roomie to update his list. ;)

  4. In no particular order:

    5) Brad Pitt - still

    4.5) Robert Downey, Jr

    4) Chris Hemsworth - Thor. He makth my heart tho thor.

    3.5) Colin Firth (Been Watching Bridget Jones Diary again)

    3) Gabriel Byrne/Bryan Ferry (tied)

    2.5) Hugh Grant (BJD - I have a hard time picking who to cheer for)

    2) Adam Levine - a staple

    1.5) Charlize Theron - yeah, I went there...

    1) Henry Cavill - King Henry VIII's right-hand man, and the upcoming Superman. Swoon.

  5. @Harmzie: OMG, Chris Hemsworth... how in the world could I have forgotten about him?!

  6. @Harmzie: Okay, I'm going to have to watch that show!

  7. I have never, ever written down my list before. It's always just been in my head, so I'm very excited about this.

    1. Wentworth Miller

    2. Jason Lewis (perfection)

    3. Gordon Levitt (in a boyishly charming way)

    4. Snoop Dogg (I'm sorry. I have terrible taste.)

  8. I absolutely LOVE Jonathon Meyers! HOT, HOT, HOT !

    I will SO do my TOP 5! How fun:)))

  9. Can't really think of any off the top of my head - I guess I already have all I can handle!

  10. OK, here's mine, also in no particular order:

    1. Craig Ferguson
    2. Ewan McGregor
    3. Clive Owen
    4. Nathan Fillion
    5. Robert Downey Jr.

  11. Ah yes! The LIST! Since my photoshop is down on my computer (hence no updated blog has been posted), I will answer here:

    1. Gerry Butler (always on the list)
    2. Clive Owen
    3. Wentworth Miller
    4. Takeshi Kaneshiro (still hot)
    5. Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC's Sherlock) - a bit on the slim, but still cute.

  12. I get the Gerard Butler thing, but am not really feeling the rest of your choices this year!
    Always a good read though!

  13. I don't even know how to narrow it down to 5. ;)George Clooney definitely tops my list!

  14. Colin Firth. Ever since I saw him in The King's Speech I am convinced that his oral talents are, um, exceptional.

    George Clooney. He's like the Rolls Royce of hot guys - a classic which never goes out of style.

    Mark Sanchez, QB for the New York Jets. I don't know what I like staring at more: his gorgeous face or his fabulous ass in those shiny, tight football pants.

    Bradley Cooper. Even though he is nothing like his Hangover persona (very straightlaced IRL) and he has poor taste in women, (hello 3 years with Renee Zellwegger) I'd still do him. At least once.

    Ryan Reynolds. Given his recent separation from ScarJo and her flagrant running around with Sean Penn, I am sure Ryan needs comforting and I am personally volunteering my services. I specialize in naked comforting.

  15. mmm... oral talents...

  16. Oh, I'm a little late to the party
    It's hard for me to narrow it down this year
    I think:
    Brad Pitt lately has been hot
    Taylor Kitsch, except I wish the hair was short
    Simon Baker (but more because I like the mentalist, I'm not sure if I like the man. Just dreaming)
    Just 4, I guess :)

  17. @Su: Simon Baker really is adorable.

  18. @Rougie: "oral talents", "naked comforting"... I so miss your comments, darling! :)

    Nice list! Colin Firth was on the top of my very first Freebie List. I haven't seen King's Speech yet... perhaps after I do, he'll be back on my list again.

  19. @Elena: I think George is going to make my list at some point. He is yum. :)
    It's hard to narrow it down to 5, so please don't limit yourself if you do want to include a much longer list!

  20. @Karyn: Thanks! yup, my list is ever changing. but gerry is my mainstay. who knows who'll show up on my list next year!

  21. @Cyndi: I had to google him, but I can definitely see how Wentworth Miller made 2 of my commenter's lists! Benedict is cute too -- this is the first I've heard of him, but he does look familiar even though I haven't seen any of his work. You have great taste, m'dear!

  22. @Myrtle: I love your lists! Many of your guys end up on my Top 10 or 25. :)

  23. @Elizabeth (Flourish in Progress): Snoop has a unique charm. :) Gordon Levitt is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, right? He's cute.

  24. Oh um, can think of 3....

    1. Joshua Jackson
    2. Michael Vartan
    3. Robert Downey

  25. @laura: Nice list! Sometimes, it's not quantity, it's quality. Ah, Joshua Jackson... he's reason #2 for why I watch Fringe. :)