an election, a touch-up, a run, and a wedding.

Hubby and I had an early morning date.  While the kids were at school, we held hands on our way to... vote!  Yep, Canadians hit the polls today.  And this liberal-leaning hottie (who is always shrouded in a healthy dose of self-esteem apparently) demands to have a government that won't screw up her beloved Canada.

My Canadian peeps, not sure who to vote for?  Check this...

Now, get out there and do it!


During my first ever Reiki session, my bff told me I had butterfly wings.  No wonder I had such joy and good fortune with my hula school whose logo was... a stalk of celery.  Kidding!  It was a butterfly.  :)

Here at Life Candy, in case you were reading my posts with your eyes closed, my header was a tad leafy and devoid of butterfly:
So, to celebrate my butterfly-ness, butterfly-osity, butterfly-liciousness, I've changed it.  (I know -- again.  Stop laughing.)  Check it out!  The butterflies are coming up over the horizon!

I've also slapped up some new borders and changed my welcome message.  I've tried to keep it simple and clean, took out some elements, changed the footer from 3-column to no-column, took out some crap, etc.

Let me know what you think!


Lam joined the running club at his school. Yeah, I was shocked.  He's my future high-tech mogul, not my future Olympian.  Meh, I guess it shouldn't matter how he makes his millions, right?

Anyway, the club starts up every spring to prep the kids who want to enter the Manitoba Marathon (to take place on Father's Day) so they won't throw up, have a heart attack, collapse, and sue the school for "torture disguised as physical fitness".

On the 27th, the marathon organizers held a kick-off event called Jog in the Park for the 26 schools taking part in the marathon.  I -- as cool, awesome and supportive mom -- volunteered to come long and supervise.

When all the kids were called to jog the short 2.5km circuit around the park, I -- as happy and energetic mom -- decided to jog along.

About halfway through, I -- as huffing and puffing mom who hadn't jogged in years -- thought "wow, this was foolish" and seriously considered asking one of the cute-and-very-fit gym teachers passing by to give me a piggy back ride back to the finish line. 

On marathon day, the Grade 3s have to have an adult run with them.  Lam asked if I could do it.  I -- as crazy and delusional mom -- am actually considering it.


I was already up.  It was 12:30am, so I thought "okay, I'll just stay up and watch the wedding."  At 2am, I thought "wow, this was foolish" (yes, 2nd time I've thought that this week), set the VCR to record it, and went to bed instead.

SO GLAD I DID, because now I can watch it over and over.  I can enjoy the little glances they gave each other, the loving smiles, the "you look beautiful" when he saw her for the first time that day, him holding her hand in the carriage, her doing her best to be proper in front of his family and to make him proud, and OMG, two kisses on the balcony!

Can you tell?  I'm a total smitten kitten over these two...


  1. Hi Nenette, I love the butterflies in your logo! I've only had one Reiki session a few years back and was told -- not so surprisingly -- that I need to be writing. Duh. Not sure how she knew that, but at the time I wasn't writing!

    As far as the marathon with your son, do it! How far is it? It might be fun to prepare for it. You could just run everywhere instead of taking the bus. ;)

  2. @Jenny: Thanks! I guess the universe knew and was trying to tell you -- through Reiki -- what you needed to be doing. Needless to say, the universe was right, and you're awesome at it!
    As for the running, I think the Super Run is only 2.6Km. I really need to train a whole lot more to do it... but it's a doable distance. I think. Eeep! :)

  3. Nice new logo. I like it! Have you considered the possibility of him being a Olympic-gold-medalist-technology-poineer? Could happen. Just sayin'.

  4. love the new header.

    and i thought everything about the royal couple was so sweet too! i even kept telling Boyfriend how cute they were after each of the balcony kisses. awwww- that's what every couple should feel like on their wedding day.

  5. Yay!! I'm glad you loved the wedding as much as I did. Seriously, I want to print out the Bishop of London's sermon because it was exceptional!!