rebuilding the temple - month 2: reaching the limit.

I pack fat on my body in this order...

1: belly
2: back
3: busom
4: face

Usually when I get to "4:", aka Stay-Puft-Marshmallow-Man face, I'm feeling tired, sickly, uncomfortable, and foggy-brained on a daily basis.

And it sneaks up on me.  I think I'm all hot and shit, then -- BAM! -- I look like I should be stomping down the streets of New York in my gigantic puffy feet to the sweet sound of Ray Parker Jr.

Anyway, that's the limit.  That's when I know I have to stop, regroup, and do The Usual, ie. things I do to stop feeling like crap...

1: Cut out sugar, wheat products (breads, pasta, cakes, etc.) and other grains.
2: Cut out dairy (milk, cheese, etc.).
3: Drink water and green tea only.
4: Eat only 3 meals per day.
5: No snacking after dinner.
6: Eat more veggies and fruit.
7: Dance hula almost every day.
8: Do weights at least twice a week.

And way back in my 20s and 30s, all I had to do was "1:", and I was back to my hot awesome self in no time. You know, like this...

Sadly, these days, I have to do ALL those things, and it usually takes much longer to achieve goal thanks to my current health issues and, well, age. 

Which freaks me out because I have to look all hot and goddess-y by June 4!!!

That, my dear friends, is the day of Mini's dance recital at the Centennial Concert Hall.

And, heaven help me, it's also the day that I will be dancing the *Mom & Me* number with Mini at the very same dance recital.  At the same ginormous Centennial Concert Hall.  In front of a bajillion people.

This is SO. NOT. GOOD.

Because kick my ass and call me soccer ball, I NOW look like this...

... which -- you can't deny it, people -- also looks frighteningly close to...

Hold me.


  1. You are adorable. :)

    I do the same when I'm getting back on track...

  2. Sue Murdock09 April, 2011

    Friend you are gorgeous!! and I truly mean that! we are not 20 anymore and our bodies have produced beautiful children :D
    I remember the days when all I had to do was pick up some weights and I looked hot again ;) grrr age. lol.
    Still you are beautiful inside and out!! <3

  3. I know u probably don't want to hear this because I hate it when people say it to me but... I think you're beautiful no matter what you say. To top that off, you have an amazing personality and your funny and people can relate to you. I do!

    You rock Nenette!