It's Aloha Friday

earth hour.

We're doing it, and you should totally do it too.  Tomorrow, March 26 at 8:30pm local time, people all over the world will be unplugging for Earth Hour.  Yes, folks, once again, we earthlings, terrans, homo sapiens, Sol 3 inhabitants will be taking our stand in the fight for our planet against climate change.
This isn't our family's first time doing this.  We did it in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  We even did a second one in 2008, when we didn't have to!  We're such keeners.

Don't get me wrong -- we're environmentally fanatical already, so this is just another fun family activity... with more meaning than just going out to eat greasy fries, loitering at the mall, or sucking on Slurpees like hummingbirds.

welsh cheddar.

Roomie came home with something new to try.  Relieved that it wasn't some new weird sex thing, I gave it a go.  I know, my ND told me to avoid this but I couldn't help myself.  It's welsh cheddar.  And it was GOOD.  Mild to start with a sharp zing that sneaks up on you like a kiss from the hot dude from Theatre class that you'd been dying to lure into the sack but thought he was totally out of your league.  Ahem.  Try it.  You'll love it. 

save sgu.

I'm still pissed that SyFy has canceled Stargate Universe.  Bastards.  Oh, apparently, said bastards don't even like science fiction.  No, I'm not kidding.  The new owners don't like sci-fi.  Further proof?  Exhibit A: the name change from Sci-Fi to SyFy.  Exhibit B: wrestling.  Oh, yeah, WRESTLING on a science fiction channel.  I agree with the fiction part, but what's scientific about it?  Exhibit C: the new lineup of shows is mostly reality tv. 
Because I officially think this blows, I've joined SaveSGU on Twitter and Facebook.  You should too.

Listen to me.  I'm starting to sound like some sort of pusher -- join Save SGU, do Earth Hour, try Welsh Cheddar... DO IT NOW!!!

mathematical snoopy.

Guess what almost went out in our on-going, 3-year declutter-fest.  Yup, my addition/multiplication Snoopy ruler!  I only have 3 toys from my childhood that I would never want to part with: my bristle blocks, my wooden turtle toy, and my snoopy ruler.
I hope explains why I'm not striving to be a minimalist, but a minimalish-ist.  Yes, it's a word.

spring break.

Next week is Spring Break in these parts, and lo and behold, we're all actually healthy.  [...knocking on wood...]  Mini will get her retainer(s).  Lam will drag us out to hang at the mall.  And hopefully, we've truly seen the last of the I-have-the-flu-and-feel-crappy looks... like the one on that dude above.


  1. >a kiss from the hot dude from Theatre class that you'd been dying to lure into the sack but thought he was totally out of your league.

    Still talking about your Roomie... :-P

  2. Setting my alarm to remind myself now. 8:30, I'm tuned out!

  3. I don't believe in Earth Hour. I think it's just an empty symbolic gesture.

  4. @Roomie: Of course.

    @Jules: Cool! I hope you enjoyed it.

    @Avitable: Oh, dear Adam, I understand that it's not for everyone. Frankly, if we had no kids, Roomie and I probably wouldn't do it; we're already eco-savvy everyday. And without kids, we'd be in a smaller house with less lights on on a daily basis, etc.
    We primarily use it as a lesson for the kids in environmental awareness and family togetherness without the need for TV, computers, and even lights!