the iterative declutter: family room.

The road to minimalish-ism is paved with lots of looking-like-I-should-be-on-Hoarders.  But after 3 passes, we've finally got the family room cleared up a little!

The kitchen counter needs to get done, but hey, the overall clean up isn't that bad, eh?!  We're definitely more than halfway there.  Maybe another 2 or 3 passes, and we'll be done this area.

The clutter was mostly kids' toys, so together the kids and I separated them into KEEP and GIVEAWAY piles.  Roomie went through the GIVEAWAY pile to make sure we weren't giving away things we weren't supposed to, like his old childhood toys.  And now they're ready for this summer's Big Garage Sale.

Yup, we worked so hard.  How hard?  Check out the Before and After...




  1. Hey look! You found the cat.

  2. Wow! Looks great Nenette! I'm doing the same sort of thing at my place. It's Spring cleaning time!

  3. Awesome after picture! Way to go!

  4. Hi Nenette! Great job decluttering your family room. I'm usually not brave enough to take (and share) before photos. :)

  5. Wow! Look at all the stuff you got rid of. You must feel good about that

  6. @Vinny C: Yeah, I was wondering what all the meow-ing coming from the toy pile was all about! :)

    @Bruna: Wish I could say it was a Spring Cleaning thing for me, but I must confess that this has been an ongoing 3 year project!

    @Loukia: Thanks, darling Loukia! :)

    @Jenny: Thanks! Oh, I count on my Before/After shots to inspire me! Makes me think "oh yeah, my house DOES feel better when all the junk is gone!" :)

    @Su: Oh, Su, it feels great! The energy is so much lighter and flows so much better when all that crap is gone.

  7. couldn't declutter the cat too?

  8. Ahhhh... I love before-and-after cleaning shots. It makes my soul happy.