It's Aloha Friday

This new weekly feature was totally swiped from Emily whose blog I totally adore. It's about the 5 notables I want to share with you that took place the previous week.

+ wanna muff?
I made banana muffins yesterday.  With brown sugar.  And I'm proud to say that I. HAVEN'T. HAD. ANY.  Yes, you may applaud now.  This is a big deal, darlings.  Especially since they look this yum.

+ sick mommy.
Mini's been sounding like Kathleen Turner lately.  Sick with the sniffles and a nasty cough.  She hates feeling like crap, but worse, she hates that she's not allowed to do anything but "stay on the couch and rest!".  So, she's happy that her little baby comes by to visit often.

+ ring.
It's been almost a year since I've been able to wear my wedding ring.  Sad.  My fingers are just too chunky.
Now, I've lost enough finger fat to wear my gold snake ring!  Love the gold.

+ in the doghouse.
The other day, I told Roomie that, when he sings The Police's "Roxanne", he doesn't really sound like Sting (hubbahubba)...

... but more like Mr. Hankey...

He was not amused.

+ wtf?
I've been thinking about Red Dwarf a LOT lately, then just today, Roomie found this video.
"Oh, Ace, I love you..." and your crocodile alligator too...


  1. Okay, first you quote Serenity, now you're showing Red Dwarf clips??? You are my new virtual bff. Seriously :)

  2. OMG I love Mr. Hanky the Christmas poo! But Towelie is my all time favorite character after Cartman on South Park. Dare I say the very first time I saw Towelie, I was um... yeah. So it was that much more spcial! Ha. Many, many, many, many moons ago... ;)

  3. After you pointed out that my Roxanne sounded like Mr.Hankey, I immediately realized you were right. Later, every time I started singing it I would hear how much I sound like Mr.Hankey, and my singing would abruptly end with me thinking a Cartman-like rendition of "GODDAMMIT!"